What Is The Life Expectancy Of My CFMoto Side-By-Side?

Jun 15th 2023

What Is The Life Expectancy Of My CFMoto Side-By-Side?

Although CFMoto has deep roots in the manufacturing space, the company didn’t start producing UTVs until the late 2010s. As such, there isn’t a huge pool of riders to draw from with high-mileage machines. You’ll see the occasional ZForce 950 with 7,000 miles on it, and plenty of UForce owners have more than 5,000 miles under their belts. But how many miles can you expect to get out of your CFMoto UForce or ZForce, and what can you do to extend the useful life of your machine? These are the topics we’re touching on here!

What Is Considered High Mileage For A CFMoto UTV?

Just like with anything that has a combustion engine, maintenance is key for a long-lasting and reliable CFMoto SxS. If you take care of your rig, you’ll be good to go. Abuse and neglect it, however, and it’ll cost you big time.

While it’s certainly possible to reach and surpass 20,000 miles with a CFMoto UTV, you’ll get parts going bad much sooner than that. Typically, any UTV with over 10,000 miles is considered a high-mileage machine. But there are factors other than mileage that will affect the quality and value of a CFMoto UTV.

Hours, for example, must be considered, and as we mentioned earlier, the maintenance done (or not done) to the vehicle as well as how it was driven will also play a huge role in its overall life expectancy.

How Does The Lifespan Of A CFMoto Compare To Other Brands?

No matter the brand, there are always bound to be a few bad apples in the bunch, and every machine has its issues. Where longevity is concerned, however, the CFMoto UForce and ZForce are pretty good for their price range.

Many UTV manufacturers offer a 6-month warranty, but CFMoto doubles that with their 1-year bumper-to-bumper warranty. Although this doesn’t cover the batterybelt, spark plugs, brake pads, bulbs, or other normal wear items, no warranty from any other manufacturer covers those. Plus, you can also buy an extended warranty from CFMoto for an additional 5 years, which is a good indicator that they expect most of their vehicles to last at least that long – otherwise, why would they offer something that they know will lose them money?

What To Look For When Buying A Used CFMoto UTV

Whether it’s a high-mileage rig or not, there are several things you should know / investigate before popping on a used CFMoto ZForce or UForce. Make sure that the e-brake works, check for slop in the bushings / steering rack, ensure that it’s properly oiled, and see if it still has the factory air intake. There have been many accounts of UForces that were delivered without an air box seal, and if dust was able to enter the engine, it would compromise it significantly.

You’ll also want to know how the machine was maintained, so it’s a plus if they kept their dealer receipts for servicing or other proof that the scheduled maintenance was conducted. It’s not always wise to trust sellers either, so if you can, have a look at their social media to see if they’ve posted any pictures of the vehicle in deep mud or water.

When researching CFMoto side-by-side, don’t get scared off by all the problems people post about. Many of these can be chalked up to user error, and the majority of people who are happy with their machines won’t post about it, which creates a major sampling bias.


Mileage is important, and a UTV with over 10,000 miles is tantamount to a car with over 200,000 miles. Is it a lot? Yes. Could it potentially run for a lot longer? Also yes. Therefore, it’s more important to consider how the machine was used, where it was used, and how it was maintained to determine its functional life expectancy!