We are not saying that the OEM wheels on your UForce are trash, but there are plenty of better aftermarket choices. Many UForce owners get their wheels upgraded. Whether you are looking for a bigger wheel or sticking to the stock size, you have a lot to gain by upgrading your UForce wheels.

Whether you are after looks, durability or performance, we got aftermarket wheels that give you all of the above.

One of the disadvantages of your stock wheel is its weight. This is why upgrading your UForce wheels will give you a performance boost. With a lighter aftermarket kit, you got nothing to way you down. Plus, our bead lock wheels ensure that they don't come off when offroading.

Usually, weight translates to durability. But in this case, the stock wheels aren't the most durable either. If you take offroading to the extreme on your stock wheels, chances are you'd have to return home with a spare. Even though our aftermarket wheels are lighter, they are far more durable. 

Now let's come to the looks of your wheels. Changing your UForce wheels is a surefire way to get some heads turning. With the hundreds of different styles and sizes we have on Everything CFMoto Offroad, you can find a wheel that matches your exact preferences. You can even choose the color you like.

We have a vast collection from manufacturers like SuperATV, Fuel Off-Road, Moose, STI Powersport, etc...