Welcome to the ultimate CFMoto ZForce Wheels collection where we specialize in making your CFMoto dreams come true! Our selection includes beadlock wheels, milled designs, and heavy-duty steel wheels, renowned for their enduring strength and resilience. With a spectrum of sizes ranging from 11mm to 22mm, along with a diverse palette of colors and finishes, we take extra care in providing you with the best CFMoto ZFORCE wheels money can buy! Correct bolt patterns, offset, and aspect ratios are always guaranteed since we only offer wheels for your machine, no universal choices here! Order yours today and become part of an ever-growing family at Everything CFMoto Offroad!

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What to Look Out for When Buying CFMoto ZFORCE Wheels?

Understanding CFMoto ZFORCE Wheel Dimensions

When it comes to outfitting your CFMoto ZForce with wheels that only make a visual difference, 14-15 inches in diameter should be your choice.

Going for a larger wheel size, say 16 inches or above, can inject a dose of aggression into your ZForce’s look and elevate its ability to tackle challenging terrain while also increasing your ground clearance.

However, this upgrade might come with a trade-off in ride comfort and could necessitate additional adjustments for optimal integration.

On the flip side, smaller wheels can enhance your ZForce’s acceleration and ensure a smoother ride, perfect for everyday off-road adventures. 

They may not turn heads like their larger counterparts, but their functionality and often lower cost make them a sensible choice for sensible people.

Wheel Offset

The wheel offset isn't just a number; it's a crucial factor in maintaining your ZForce’s balance and handling across all surfaces.

Altering this parameter should be done with caution to avoid problems such as tire interference or undue stress on the suspension skeleton.

Bolt Pattern

Safety first: the bolt pattern of your wheels must be in sync with your CFMoto ZForce design, otherwise your new wheels aren’t even going to fit.

The standard is usually a 4 x 110 mm pattern, but it's always wise to confirm with your owner’s manual to avoid issues like unstable driving conditions.

There are ways how one can use different bolt patterns with adapters, but it’s better to just go for proper bolt patterns from the get-go.

Build Materials

Specific wheel material can drastically impact your ride and make you look unique. Aluminum wheels are popular for their lightness and corrosion resistance which is why they are the most popular.

Steel CFMoto ZForce wheels, known for their durability, are ideal for rugged applications but require more maintenance to prevent rust and tend to be heavier which does eat into MPG.

Some wheels use multiple materials while others use exotic materials like carbon fiber or magnesium, both of which are really expensive and rare.

Beadlock Wheels

For those who push their CFMoto ZForce to the limits, Beadlock wheels sure are a must-have.

They keep the tire firmly attached to the rim, especially crucial during low-pressure scenarios like dune driving. Ensure your tires are beadlock-ready for maximum effectiveness.

Styling and Looks

Let’s be honest, the main reason why most people upgrade their wheels is to make them look nicer.

Wheels are a reflection of your style. Whether you prefer the sleekness of black or chrome finishes, the toughness of steel, or the elegance of milled designs, your ZForce can mirror your taste. 

It’s up to you to explore designs like turbine, spider, or classic 5-spokes to make a statement with your CFMoto ZForce.

Terrain and Load Capacity

Looks are important, but it's not just about looks, especially with a working man’s machine such as the CFMoto ZForce

As such, your wheels need to match your ZForce’s load capacity and the terrains you frequent.

Make informed choices based on your typical driving conditions and pair your wheels with suitable tires for an unbeatable combination.

Steel-belted tires are also an option for those who want to haul and tow heavy loads, especially across uneven and aggressive terrain.