Air Intake

Clean air is just as important to your engine as fuel. To get the best out of your UForce, you need to provide your engine with an adequate amount of clean and dry air. Whether it is the UForce 600 or the UForce 1000XL, we have the best air intakes that money can buy.

The stock air intake kit is great and all, but with an upgraded UForce air intake, you can take your engine's performance up a notch. You would get a substantial increase in horsepower and air filtration by choosing among the top brands available on Everything CFMoto Offroad.

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Whether you are looking for an OEM air intake or an upgrade over your stock air intake, we got you covered. At Everything CFMoto Offroad, we have air intakes and air filters for every UForce model. 

Clean air is crucial to maintain steady engine performance. Without oxygen, the combustion part of the combustion engine won’t happen. The air intake is not only tasked with drawing the air in, but it also needs to thoroughly filter the air before sending it to the engine.

There is a lot to figure out before committing to an upgrade or replacement. If you are constantly riding through sandy terrain, your air intake will suck in a lot of sand particles. This will soon clog up the air intake filter and obstruct the airflow. In such a scenario, you need to get a particle separator.

If you live in a place with constant snow or drive through a lot of mud, the snow or mud could cover the air intake. So, to keep your UTV functioning you need to relocate your air intake.

At Everything CFMoto Offroad, we have everything you need to better your air intake. If the OEM air intake suits you well, you are at the right place. If you need a relocation kit, particle separator, or an overall upgrade on your air intake for better performance and an increased life span, check out our collection of the top-quality aftermarket air intakes for your UForce.