​10 Most Common Questions About The CFMoto UForce

Apr 16th 2023

​10 Most Common Questions About The CFMoto UForce

Question 1: Who makes the CFMoto UForce?

Answer 1: CFMoto motorcycles, ATVs, and UTVs (including the CFMoto UForce) are manufactured by Zhejiang Chanfeng Power Co., Ltd,.

Question 2: What is the CFMoto UForce coolant type and coolant capacity?

Answer 2: The CFMoto UForce can accept any commercially available 50/50 coolants that are certified safe for aluminum engines, with a coolant capacity of 3.1 quarts.

Question 3: Is the CFMoto UForce 1000 any good?

Answer 3: The biggest selling point for the CFMoto UForce is its price. Although vehicles like the Ranger and Defender are comparable in terms of price (give or take a grand), the base models are far more simplistic and stripped back compared to a stock CFMoto UForce. If you add aluminum wheels, a roofpower steering, and a winch to the price of a Ranger, it adds up to being several thousand dollars more expensive than a CFMoto UForce. Some people dislike the limited-slip differential in the UForce, but others prefer it to a locked rear diff because it doesn’t tear up lawns as bad when turning sharply.

Besides being good for household chores like plowing, hauling, and towing, the UForce will never miss a beat when you want to use it in mud or sand – be it when hunting or riding recreationally for the fun of it. Although the UForce is a bit jerky (especially at takeoff), this is something that you can get used to over time, or correct for with an aftermarket CFMoto UForce clutch kit. For the price and what you get for it, you simply can’t beat a CFMoto UForce!

Question 4: How wide is a CFMoto UForce 1000?

Answer 4: The CFMoto UForce 1000 is 63.6 inches wide.

Question 5: What are the reviews on the 2022 UForce 600?

Answer 5: Owners of the 2022 CFMoto UForce seem to love it. Some say it's a bit loud (which can be dampened with a silencer muffler), and others complain that it’s a bit pesky when shifting into and out of Low gear (which can oftentimes be fixed by adjusting the shift cable). If you’re of the opinion that more HP is always better, the UForce 1000 might be the right unit for you. But the UForce 600 still packs a punch, and it’s plenty capable at a lower price point. The overall width of the UForce 600 is only 3-4 inches narrower than the UForce 1000, and although the shoulder bar can be uncomfortable for bigger riders, it can be removed with relative ease.

Question 6: How fast is a CFMoto UForce 1000?

Answer 6: The top speed of a stock CFMoto UForce 1000 is around 65 MPH in High, and 25 MPH in Low. You can reach speeds in excess of 70 MPH with a tune, but it should be noted that CFMoto speedometers aren’t the most reliable, and measuring your speed with a GPS will yield more accurate results. For more info about the top speed of CFMoto side-by-sides, check out this post!

Question 7: Are there any common complaints about the CFMoto UForce?

Answer 7: As we touched on earlier, the most common complaint voiced by riders about their CFMoto UForce UTVs is that the throttle is jerky at lower RPMs. It smoothes out after 15 MPH or so, but it takes some getting used to. Alternatively, if you want to get rid of the jerking and jolting during takeoff, you can order different clutch weights and an upgraded clutch spring, or, to make things easier, you can pop on an aftermarket CFMoto UForce clutch kit.

Riders also frequently complain about the brakes on new CFMoto UForce vehicles. This is a complete non-issue, however, because just like new brakes on anything, they have to be broken in. So if you feel like your rig lacks stopping power, give it a few hours / a hundred miles and you should see a stark difference afterwards.

Question 8: What are the size specs for the CFMoto UForce?

Answer 8: The CFMoto UForce 1000 is roughly 116” long, 64” wide, and 73” high; the CFMoto UForce 800 is close to 118” long, 59” wide, and 73” tall; and the CFMoto UForce 600 is about a half of an inch bigger in all directions than 110” long, 57” wide, and 75” high.

Question 9: When did CFMoto start?

Answer 9: CFMoto was founded in 1989.

Question 10: Where’s the best place to get CFMoto accessories?

Answer 10: For a wide range of affordable accessories for both the CFMoto UForce and CFMoto ZForce, the best place to go is Everything CFMoto Offroad!