10 Frequently Asked Questions About the CFMoto UForce

May 15th 2023

10 Frequently Asked Questions About the CFMoto UForce

Question 1: Where are CFMoto UForces Made?

Answer 1: CFMoto UForce side-by-sides – including their engines – are manufactured in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China.

Question 2: How fast is a CFMoto UForce 600?

Answer 2: Depending on the market area, the top speed of your CFMoto UForce 600 could be limited anywhere from 25 MPH to 62 MPH. In America, however, you can expect your stock CFMOTO UForce to go around 50-55 MPH.

Question 3: How do you shut the headlights completely off on a 2023 CFMoto UForce to go into blackout mode?

Answer 3: There is a plug under the hood on the passenger side next to a control box that you can unhook to shut off all the lights except for the strip DRLs. Do this, though, and you’ll also lose the halo ring around the headlights.

Question 4: What are the must-have CFMoto UForce Accessories?

Answer 4: Those “must-have” mods for the CFMoto UForce that riders regard as crucial vary as you move up and down longitudinally across the nation. The guys and gals up north add accessories like heaterscabstracks, and plows to their rigs, while folks in the South focus on bigger tires, better suspension, snorkelslights, and sound systems.

Whether it’s a half tinted windshield to block both mud from the ground and glare from the sun, or a full windshield for the cold wind that blows everything from dust and bugs to rain and snow into your face, windshields are among the few universal accessories that riders of every climate choose to install with consistent regularity. Roofs are also pretty universal, and winches are too. You can also add whip lights and rock lights for style and safety, tires and a lift kit for clearance, and a sound bar for fast-and-easy tunes!

On the performance side of things, the first thing many riders do is upgrade their primary clutch. This not only smooths out the ride and makes accelerating more consistent across RPM ranges, but it also makes a huge difference in clutch engagement when running larger-than-stock tires!

Question 5: How do you open the hood on a CFMoto UForce 1000?

Answer 5: Stand and face your machine from the front, and thread your fingers behind the nose tab in the middle below the badge. Pull the plastic cowling out in the middle, then do the same to each tab directly to the right and the left of it in order to remove the prongs on the panel from the grommets on the frame. To clear the bracket, pull up and push forward (away from you) simultaneously on the front of the hood panel, and it should pop right off!

Question 6: Is the CFMoto UForce belt driven?

Answer 6: Yes, the CFMoto UForce is belt driven.

Question 7: Where is the oil sump screen on a CFMoto UForce?

Answer 7: The sump screen on a CFMoto UForce is behind the engine oil drain plug. You should clean it every time you change the oil.

Question 8: How fast is a CFMoto UForce 800?

Answer 8: The CFMoto UForce 800 has a top speed of 65 MPH.

Question 9: Can you plow snow with a CFMoto UForce?

Answer 9: Yes, you can plow snow with the CFMoto UForce 1000, the CFMoto UForce 800, as well as the CFMoto UForce 600.

Question 10: What are the pros and cons of the CFMoto UForce?

Answer 10: We’ve talked a bit about why the CFMoto UForce is good, and a little on the things that could be done to improve it. Generally speaking, the UForce is a tank of a UTV that'll easily handle dirt, snow, water and more. Many of the common issues in previous model years have been addressed, and CFMoto has clearly stepped up its game after teaming up with KTM. Here are some of the pros and cons to the CFMoto UForce.


  • Generally nice ride at both fast or slow clips.
  • Can climb steep grades in 2WD no problem.
  • Quiet compared to other UTVs.
  • Surprisingly fast for a work-series side-by-side.
  • With a few minor upgrades, it’ll go everywhere all the other brands do with no issues.


  • Weak front hitch.
  • On the XL, a poor turning radius will require frequent reversing.
  • Limited aftermarket support.
  • Sub-Par primary clutch and shocks.

There you have it, asked and answered, the 20 questions that keep new UForce owners up at night. Hopefully we’ve given you clarity, alleviated your worries, and delivered some helpful nuggets of knowledge that you can add to your off-road toolkit!