Want to turn your UTV into a snowmobile or a tank? All you need to attach is a UForce track kit and you are set to go anywhere you want. Traditional tires limit the capabilities of your UForce. If the ground is soft, you will dig into it if you are using tires. UForce tracks, on the other hand, allow you to stay on top no matter how loose the ground is.

Whether you are trying to ride through mud, snow, or a swamp, we got the perfect set of UForce tracks for you. Don’t miss out on having fun in your UForce even during winter.


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The basics of how UTV tracks work are simple. By replacing your tire with tracks, you increase the surface area on which your UForce sits. This puts less pressure on the ground reducing the chance of sinking into the loose ground. The increased surface area provides you with a better grip on the ground as well. So even if you are riding your UForce through slippery rocks, this extra grip will come in handy.

 Basically, these tracks allow you to go anywhere you want. You can still go wherever your traditional wheels could take you and even further. Whether it is to go on a recreational expedition or to work through heavy snowfall during winter, UForce tracks are a great attachment to have on your UForce. They do require a gear reduction which will reduce the fuel economy and the top speed. But it certainly makes up for it by allowing you to work through any weather conditions, or by giving you the ability to go anywhere.

 Another benefit of having tracks is that it reduces the chances of a rollover. The UForce tracks that get attached to your UTV, widen it. The wider base increases the stability, which is great when offroading.

 At Everything CFMoto Offroad, we bring you a variety of UForce tracks from industry-leading manufacturers like Camso. These tracks run at about 45% gear reduction so you won't be losing a lot speed-wise either. We got different types of tracks that suit different environments.

 Rather than looking for parts individually, you can get the full UForce track kit from us.