Summary of CF MOTO UFORCE/ZFORCE Customer Reviews:

Oct 13th 2023

Summary of CF MOTO UFORCE/ZFORCE Customer Reviews:

Methodology of Summary: We spent 1 week reviewing over 300+ online sources that contained legitimate customers (*note: not online magazine or paid sources) then we broke each review out into areas of positive, negative, and neutral and summarized each of the key areas with those three. Below is what you will see we found. We hope this info help customers make decisions if they are thining of purchasing a CFMOTO UTV.

The original post inquires about long-term experiences with CFMOTO UTVs. They are curious if owners had to deal with issues at the start, but are satisfied now, and whether they would recommend the brand.

  • Positive Reviews: (72% positive Overall Reviews/Comments)
    1. A user praised their UForce 800s for being dependable for property work. While they acknowledge some minor quirks with the machine, the majority of faults they've heard about seem due to user mishandling.
    2. Another user was impressed by CFMOTO's partnership with KTM and mentioned older Reddit posts where people have used the UTVs for over 8,000+ km without issues. (note UTV related but thought it was relevant that it partners with KTM to get better insights and reliability to its side by side customers). Seems to be working and proving improved machines
    3. Several users appreciate the value CFMOTO offers. They mentioned its features like CV tech clutch, Bosch fuel injection, LED lights, and the general fit and finish for the price.
    4. Many users pointed out that regular maintenance is crucial for any machine's longevity, and with good care, CFMOTO machines can last.
  • Negative Reviews: (18% Negative Overall Reviews/Comments)
    1. Several users labeled their UTV as "junk," saying it's constantly breaking.
    2. Many posts indicated user shared an experience where a friend's CFMOTO side-by-side was unreliable.
    3. A few users warn about the brand's earlier reputation and advise caution if one drives the machine hard, as it may require frequent repairs. *NOTE: over the years many posted about improved reliabltihy, compared to their first side by sides in 2016-2018
  • Neutral/General Insights: (10% Neutral Overall Reviews/Comments)
    1. CFMOTO's reputation seems to have improved in recent years.
    2. A common theme is the importance of maintenance and understanding how to use the machine properly.
    3. There's an acknowledgment that China manufactures a significant portion of machine parts globally, but quality control and specs vary seem to have a good baseline to other side by side produced.

In summary, reviews on CFMOTO are mixed, like all consumer products, over the overwhelming majory seemed to find the quality to price ratio= VALUE. While some owners have had great experiences, others have faced challenges. Proper maintenance and careful usage appear to be key to a positive CFMOTO ownership experience, like any machine.

MORE info CF MOTO UTV’s if you are interested:

CF MOTO: A Blend of Affordability and Excellence

When we think about affordable side-by-sides, CF MOTO does not immediately comes to mind like Polaris or Can AM but, founded in 1989 in Hangzhou, China, they have spent decades refining their products and establishing their reputation in the powersports industry. They have really come a long way!!

The Genesis of CF MOTO's Reputation

Initially, CF MOTO's attractively priced products raised eyebrows. Some consumers questioned if the low costs reflected in the quality of their products. However, in 2002, CF MOTO dispelled these doubts by releasing their first line of UTVs and ATVs equipped with a game-changing liquid-cooled 4-stroke engine. This engine set a benchmark, with numerous manufacturers globally integrating it into their models.

Debunking Myths with Authentic Reviews

Don't just take our word for the progress CF MOTO has made. Listen to the voices of those who have had firsthand experience:

  • Geoff Southworth from Outdoor Troop praises the brand, stating, “If you are looking for a tough and well-made UTV that won't break the bank like the renowned brands, CFMOTO UTVs are top-tier.”
  • ATV Trail Rider acknowledges the UFORCE 1000 2019's prowess, emphasizing its remarkable attention to detail and its notable load capacity.
  • The 2022 CFMoto UForce 1000, according to UTV Driver, not only looks premium but also delivers performance and features at a price point that gives competitors a run for their money. They mention, "If you want to look like you're driving a Polaris without the Polaris price tag, this is your machine."

CFMOTO's Rise to Reliability and working on Excellence:

CF MOTO’s evolution in the industry is nothing short of commendable. They have gone beyond just producing side-by-sides to challenging established giants like Can-Am and Polaris. Yes, they manufacture the majority of their lineup in China, and yes, this results in a more affordable price tag. However, this doesn't mean that they've sacrificed quality.

Over the past two decades, their resilience and drive for innovation have not only solidified their position among other globally recognized manufacturers but have also given them the impetus to challenge and inspire brands like Can-Am and Polaris to elevate their offerings.