Street Legal ATVs/UTVs: Regulations in your State

Oct 19th 2022

Street Legal ATVs/UTVs: Regulations in your State

I don't have psychic abilities, but chances are, if you are on this blog, you are bloody confused about whether you can ride your CFMoto down the street without being put on the most wanted list in your town or not! I agree laws and rules around ATVs/UTVs are as confusing as algebra class in your high school. And it gets really frustrating when you try to get the long-winded ‘legalese’ of Govt documents online, and it doesn’t make sense to you. Because no matter how hard you try, you know, you are not an attorney fresh-out-of-yale.

So whether you want to take your CFMoto Zforce for a short drive to the local workshop to replace that torn CV boot or some weekend camping.

Or you are just a regular farmer with CFMoto Uforce looking to familiarize yourself with laws around your new toy. To make it easy for you to know your state laws and so that you don't have to do a four-year degree in criminal justice.

We have jotted down a list of all US states and gathered answers to the only question you have in mind ‘Can You Make Your UTV Street Legal in Your State?’.

StateCan You Make Your UTV Street Legal in Your State?Verdict
AlabamaOnly under specified circumstances, such as when farming, maintaining utilities, or in the course of law enforcement, may off-highway vehicles be used on public highways. On Alabama's highways, OHVs are not permitted to be operated by the general public.No
AlaskaOn public highways in Alaska with 45 mph speed restrictions, four-wheelers, and other "all-purpose vehicles" are legal to use.Yes
ArizonaYou can register and make your vehicle street legal such as installing a license plateYes
ArkansasIn Arkansas, it is illegal to operate UTVs and other comparable off-road vehicles on public roads and highways.No
CaliforniaUTVs, under California law, cannot become street legal vehiclesNo
ColoradoOff-highway vehicles (OHV) will not be permitted on any public streets, roads, or highways.No
ConnecticutCannot be operated on public highwaysNo
DelawareYou cannot operate on streets, and public highwaysNo

ATV/UTV use is prohibited on public streets. Under 35 mph during the day, you can ride an ATV on unpaved public roads.

GeorgiaYou are not allowed to operate ATV/UTV on public roadsNo
HawaiiATVs and UTVs are prohibited from using public roadways unless certain requirements are met.No
IdahoYou can ride your ATV/UTV on roads with certain conditions but not on highwaysYes
IllinoisATVs/UTVs cannot operate on public roads and highwaysNo
IndianaNot permitted to use public roads and highways, but check your local county lawsNo
IowaThere are some routes where you can operate an ATV or UTV, but you must have insurance.No
KansasWhen driving an ATV/UTV on authorized roads, you must adhere to specific requirements.Yes
KentuckyATV/UTV use is not permitted on most roads and highways unless approved by authorities.No
LouisianaATVs and UTVs can both be driven on the shoulder of the road during the day, but UTVs are subject to tougher laws.Yes

Conditionally allowed on streets but not on highways

MarylandProhibited use on all roadsNo
MassachusettsRestricts the use of ATVs/UTVs on public streetsNo
MichiganStreet use is allowed under certain conditions, but no highwaysYes

Allows on public streets but under strict conditions Yes

In Mississippi, using UTVs and other off-highway vehicles on public roadways is prohibited absent a town, city, or county ordinance approving such use.

MissouriNot permitted until otherwise deemed appropriate by local authorities.No
MontanaATV/UTV use on public streets is permitted if the vehicle has appropriate street legal accessoriesYes
NebraskaOnly acceptable in specific circumstances on two-lane roads and streetsYes
NevadaStrict prohibition of street and highway use of ATVs/UTVsNo
New HampshireCan drive on public roads posted as open for OHRV
New JerseyNot allowed on public roads and streets; unless otherwise jurisdicted by local authoritiesNo
New MexicoNot allowed on public highways and freeways, but you can drive on streets as per local jurisdiction
New York

Prohibits the street use of UTVs/ATVs

North Carolinagenerally prohibits the street legal use of ATVs in the state unless otherwise overruled by local jurisdictionNo
North DakotaAllowed on streets and highways with a speed limit of 65 mph, if the vehicle is street legalYes
OhioProhibits street level use of ATVs/UTVs unless for emergency rides or certain other conditionsNo
OklahomaGenerally prohibits ATV/UTVs street level use, but conditionally allowed to operate
OregonNot allowed to drive your ATV/UTV on street, roads and highwaysno
PennsylvaniaConditionally allowed on very few occasions, but generally not allowed to operate ATV/UTVs on public roads/ streets and highwaysNo
Rhode IslandProhibits the ATVs/UTVs on the roadsNo
South CarolinaStrictly prohibits the use of UTV/ATVs on public roads and highwaysNo
South DakotaYou can register your UTV/ATV to be street legalYes
TennesseeATVs cannot be registered as street legal UTVs can be operated as street legalYes
TexasATVs/UTVs are not allowed on streets unless you qualify certain conditionsNo
UtahYou can drive your ATV/UTV on roads if its equipped street legalNo
VermontConditionally allowed under some circumstances otherwise prohibitedNo
VirginiaProhibits use of ATVs/UTVs on streetsNo
WashingtonPermits to operate on public roads if the vehicle is street legalYes
West VirginiaConditionally allowed to use ATV/UTV on local streets (less than two lanes), but not on public roads and highwaysYes
WisconsinConditionally allowed for farmers onlyNo
WyomingConditionally allowed to use ATVs/UTVs on roadsYes

Keep in mind, these are State laws and rules, the actual rules of streets may vary as you go from states to counties and cities.If you are lucky enough to live in a state where you can drive your UTV by street legalizing it, then something like Street legal kits can be a lifesaver for you.