Introducing the New CFMoto Uforce Snow Blower / Snow Plow!

Feb 15th 2024

Introducing the New CFMoto Uforce Snow Blower / Snow Plow!

That first glance out of the window after a good winter squall can be a stress fest or a “challenge accepted” moment, all depending on whether or not you’ve prepped for snow removal. Thanks to our newly unveiled lineup of top-tier CFMoto Uforce Snowblowers by Bercomac, you’ll be itching to throw on those long Johns and take to the snow-dusted trail, because this thing is an absolute unit! Perfect fitment, rugged wheels, a broad range of sizes (and motors), and more make this the best lineup of side-by-side plows/snow blowers we’ve seen to date. We’ll start off our list of reasons to love these snowblowers with a key factor: power.

Enough Punch and Then Some

Just like using proper form to avoid injury in the gym, Bercomac installing the motor in the middle of this robust line of snowblowers is key both for maximizing power and minimizing strain to your front end. Speaking of power, the versatile CFMoto Uforce 54” (there are more sizes available, see below) accommodates motors ranging from 13 to 23 horsepower. Even at the lower end of this range, when bolstered by your powerful CFMoto Uforce and effective design, this snowplow absolutely churns through even the hard-packed stuff with minimal issue. Rest assured, if these snowblowers aren’t getting it up, it’s time to break out the chisel, because you’re dealing with solid ice.

Wider Opening, Fewer Passes

Can we all agree that we’ve been collectively traumatized enough by those tiny hand shovels as kids scooping the driveway? The future is now, friend—ditch that plastic scoop, hop in the cab with a warm beverage (might want a tight lid, though), and watch in awe as this 48”-72” wide behemoth just deletes the snow without having to double back a half dozen times. Better yet, the extendible frame, adjustable from 73" to 112", allows flexibility in adapting to different lengths, making it suitable for various ATV models and situations.

Each size is available with one or two options for motors, including the 48" with a 15HP motor, 54" with a 15HP motor, 54" with a powerful 22HP motor, 66" with a 22HP motor, or you can go all the way with the 72" size, also powered by a powerful 22HP motor.

                                     A front-oblique angle shot of the CFMoto Uforce Snowblower, mounted and in use on snow-covered ground with trees in the background.

On and Off In a Snap

We get it—one look at the CFMoto Uforce 72” Vantage Snowblower, and you might say to yourself, “Well, she looks nice, but that’s at least an hour or two just setting it up.” And wouldn’t you know it, it’s almost like Bercomac understands the practical needs of ATV riders as enthusiasts themselves (who woulda thunk?), because the quick hook-on and -off capability cuts that time down to mere minutes!

Especially if you live somewhere with all four seasons and/or unpredictable weather, the ability to pop this snowblower on and off quickly is a game change for so many side-by-side owners on a schedule. The sub frame attaches to the rear of your ATV via the hitch ball, promoting weight transfer to the suspension for superior control. Speaking of, the electrical control box allows you to adjust the chute, engage the clutch, and stop the engine, all from your seat.

                                          An image of the CFMoto UForce Versatile Plus Snowblower mounted on the front of a UTV with a blank background

Safety Is Key!

As always, we never offer a side-by-side accessory (especially something with a separate motor being mounted onto your frame) unless it prioritizes safety at the very top of the list. Indeed, safety is a top priority with the CFMoto UForce Versatile Plus Snowblower, which utilizes a 3 shear bolt safety system, offering peace of mind during operation. The single belt system, utilizing the "BX 55" belt, guarantees a longer lifespan, making sure this snowblower will deliver for you season after season.

Anywhere, Anytime

All versions of the CFMoto Uforce Versatile Plus Snowblower feature rugged and versatile wheels, ensuring superior adaptability to any terrain. Whether you're floating your way through deep snow and/or tackling rocky landscapes, this snowblower is not going to hold your side-by-side back by any means.

The Bottom Line

Simply put, we don’t know of a better all-around snowblower/plow combination for the CFMoto Uforce than the Bercomac lineup. From the perfectly balanced and easy-to-install build to the powerful motor and wide range of options, everyone can find the combination that best suits their needs. So, the next time you saunter up to that frosty window in the morning, remember who has your back, and get ready for a fun morning of “extreme clearing”!