Increasing The Speed Of Your CFMoto Side-by-Side

Oct 19th 2022

Increasing The Speed Of  Your CFMoto Side-by-Side

While your UTV may have some pre-set speed limits, there are ways to increase the top speed of your machine! Many factors influence the top speed of your side-by-side and how you can increase your performance.

In this article, we will walk you through four factors that can help increase the top speed of your CFMoto, which includes:

  • Using the override speed button
  • Taller rear tires
  • Replace the oil in your gas tank with fresh filters oil
  • Check all belts for tightness and replacement

Alright, let's dive into each one of these, shall we?

Using the Override Speed Limiting Button

To increase the top speed of your UTV, you will need to override the speed limiting function by pressing and holding down the button.

This button is located on your steering wheel. Once pressed, release the throttle and press it again to put the side-by-side back into operation mode.

If you're driving a CFMoto UFORCE 600 at high speeds, you'll want to keep your distance from other riders or anything that could get in the way.

In addition, you must always follow applicable laws for what country or state you are in before taking off on an adventure in the great outdoors.

Using Taller Rear Tires

Changing the rear tires to a taller size increases the speed of your CFMoto. This is because it will have more air to push up against the ground, which in turn causes the traction with the road to increase and help propel your side-by-side to go faster.

Also, ensure that you replace both tires on the same axle to avoid creating an uneven surface for one tire over another. This can be very helpful if riding a CFmoto side-by-side over 500cc.

Replace the Oil in Your Gas Tank With Fresh Filters Oil

Your gas tank is exposed to extreme temperatures, which can drastically reduce the lifespan of your oil. When you drain your old filter and pour in new filter oil, you are getting fresh oil and helping the engine to live longer.

You will also save money on oil changes in the future. Make sure that you go to an experienced mechanic because they know what they are doing and how much of each type of filter oil they need.

Replacing the oil in your gas tank with fresh filter oil can make a huge difference in the speed performance of your UTV.

Yes, whether you're riding a CFMoto UFORCE 1000 that can go up to 65mph or a 1000cc model like the CFMoto ZFORCE 1000 that can deliver a top speed of 70mph.

Check All Belts for Tightness and Replacement

When you go for an offroad drive, the top speed on your CFMoto may not be what you think it should be.

Check All Belts for Tightness and Replacement

A loose or worn belt will hinder performance and decrease top speed. If the belt needs to be replaced, do so with a high-quality belt.

After installing the new belt, take your ride for another spin to see if it makes a difference in the top speed.

Final Thoughts

An increase in the top speed of your side-by-side will increase the adventure you get out of your product and show other riders you know your game.

If you've been looking for ways to enhance your ride, we hope this blog has helped give you a clearer understanding of how to increase the top speed of your CFMoto side-by-side.

Now that you know how to increase your speed, get out there and enjoy it!