For safety, comfort, and style, you should get a UForce windshield attached to your rig. Whether you are using your UForce for leisure or work, we have suitable windshields for you. Find whatever style of windshield you are looking for at Everything CFMoto Offroad. We have tilting windshields, folding windshields, and even flexible windshields.

You won't find a better collection of UForce windshields anywhere else. Browse through the hundreds of windshields we have on offer and choose what suits you best. Along with UForce windshields, we also carry UForce windshield wipers, UForce windshield clamps, UForce windshield tints, and other windshield accessories.

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What to Look Out for When Buying CFMoto UFORCE Windshields?

Types of CFMoto UFORCE Windshields

The very best CFMoto UFORCE windshield is the one that suits you. This means that the specific type of windshield is the first question that needs answering.

Full windshields offer complete protection against various weather conditions, ideal for those who need uninterrupted shielding. 

Half windshields provide a balance of protection and airflow, making them a good choice for warmer climates. 

For adaptability to changing conditions, folding, and vented windshields are excellent options, allowing for controlled airflow without sacrificing protection.

Materials, Durability, and Clarity

In the world of CFMoto UForce windshield materials, polycarbonate is a popular choice for its scratch and impact resistance and often comes with UV protection to prevent sun damage.

In contrast, vinyl rear windshields might offer flexibility but can lack the clarity of polycarbonate or glass over time. 

When selecting a windshield, consider the material's maintenance needs and longevity such as clarity and cleaning as some can come with special coatings which ensure both.

Advanced Features

Modern CFMoto UFORCE windshields come equipped with various features for enhanced functionality.

For example, flip windshields offer flexibility to adapt to the external environment as you can open and close parts of your windshield depending on what you want.

It's also essential to invest in quality windshield cleaners and sturdy mounting hardware, including clamps and mounts, to ensure a secure fit and minimize vibrations during rides.

Ventilated and heated windshields are also a good idea as these will help you defrost them quickly while also cooling you down during the summer.

Safety and Security

Safety is a key aspect when selecting a windshield for your UTV both because having a questionable windshield is dangerous, but also because a windshield is a security feature, especially with fully enclosed CFMoto UFORCE builds.

It's crucial to choose a windshield that fits snugly and securely to avoid risks during rugged rides and when smashing into branches and other obstacles.

Loose or poorly fitted windshields can be hazardous. Opt for windshields with clear, undistorted visuals for safe driving. 

Glass windshields, especially tempered ones, provide better durability and clarity than plastic alternatives, which may deteriorate under intense sunlight or over time.