Though the stock UForce doesn't roll out of the factory with a winch, it needs one. There aren't many upgrades you can do to your UForce that are fruitful as a winch. Basically, a winch completes a UTV. Whether you are an offroader, or just use your UForce for work, a UForce winch will come in handy. 

At Everything CFMoto Offroad, we got UForce winches with varying pound ratings. Depending on your budget and requirements you can get a winch that can pull anywhere between 2500 lbs to 5500 lbs. You'll find everything you need to hook up your rig with a sturdy and reliable winch here.

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If you are an offroading enthusiast, you are bound to get stuck at some point. Whether you ride on mud, sand, snow, or rocks, getting stuck is inevitable. A strap might be able to pull you out, but it is no match for a winch. With a good UForce winch, you can pull yourself out of any precarious situation.

 Pulling yourself with a winch is a safer option compared to using straps. Winches are capable of pulling you out slowly and methodically. Straps on the other hand require bursts of force. This could up damaging your UForce.

 Remember we talked about how the UForce winch acts like a pair of arms? How useful is a pair of arms when climbing? If you are faced with a seemingly unscalable obstacle like a slippery muddy slope, a steep rock wall, or even stairs, you can use a winch to go up and over the obstacle. Rather than red lining your engine, a winch assist here could save your drivetrain. 

 Even if your friend doesn't have a winch, if you have one, you can help him out. The same your winch pulls you out if you get stuck, it can pull someone else out.

 A winch is also useful to do chores around your homestead or farm. Want to pull something heavy or clear a log that is obstructing you? A UForce winch can help you out. 

 The ways in which you can use your winch are endless. This is why a winch is one of the first upgrades you need for your UForce. At Everything CFMoto Offroad, we've sourced the best UForce winches so that you can get the best winch attached to your UForce. We have winches from manufacturers like SuperATV, Quad Boss, Warn, etc...