UTV Ramps

Introducing our CFMoto UFORCE UTV Ramps Collection – the premier choice for maximizing the functionality and adaptability of your UFORCE, no matter where you take it! We feature premium aluminum ramps and versatile flatbed kits, crafted to blend lightweight construction with uncompromised strength, facilitating seamless loading in all conditions! Delve into our assortment of ramps, encompassing pet-friendly designs, arch and beam ramps for specialized needs, and heavy-duty options for uncompromising reliability. But that's not all – our collection also boasts space-efficient telescoping ramps, easy-to-use dual and tri-folding models for convenience, and innovative pivoting ramps designed to provide optimal clearance and unshakeable stability. Elevate your UFORCE experience with our CFMoto UFORCE Ramps Collection, ensuring you're always prepared, no matter the destination or challenge!

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What to Look Out for When Buying CFMoto UForce UTV Ramps?

CFMoto UFORCE Ramp Types

Foldable Ramps

For a machine as capable as the CFMoto UForce, it’s best to consider ramps with a space-saving foldable design, ideal for users with limited storage space. 

Dual-folding ramps cater to standard loading, while tri-folding options provide broader stability and safety. These are perfect for those who want to save space while being able to load anything.

Telescoping Ramps

CFMoto UForce telescoping ramps offer different lengths for varied loading heights, a must-have for those who encounter different terrains and loading scenarios.

Pivoting Ramps

Pivoting CFMoto UForce ramps offer adjustable angles, adapting to uneven terrains and various vehicle heights. Perfect for loading on inclines and declines.

Arched/Beamed Ramps

Arched and beamed CFMoto UForce ramps provide enhanced clearance and stability, ideal for vehicles with lower ground clearance such as landmowers, ensuring safe and efficient loading while navigating varied terrains and obstacles.

Weight Capacity

It's crucial to assess the weight capacity of the ramps and the stuff you want to load and unload with them.

Since the CFMoto UForce can carry substantial weight, ensure the ramps you choose can comfortably support the weight of your UTV plus any additional gear. 

Opting for ramps with a higher weight capacity than your total load offers an extra margin of safety which also ensures long-term durability.

Build Materials and Durability

Steel CFMoto UForce ramps are known for their strength and are suitable for heavier loads but require maintenance to prevent rust, especially if they get damaged.

Alternatively, aluminum ramps are lighter and rust-resistant but need careful handling under heavy loads.

All in all, aluminum ramps are usually the most popular, but if you want a ramp capable of carrying really heavy loads, a steel ramp is the way to go.

Safety Features

Safety features should be a top priority as well. Therefore, look for ramps with clear weight capacity markers, slip-resistant surfaces, and side barriers to prevent accidental roll-offs. 

Secure anchoring mechanisms, like safety chains and reliable welding points, are crucial to ensure a safe interaction with your CFMoto UFORCE every time.

Selecting the right ramp involves balancing functionality, safety, and durability, ensuring your CFMoto UFORCE is loaded and unloaded smoothly and securely for many years to come.