Tire and Wheel Kits

Are you looking for a spare tire? Maybe you want larger tires on your UForce? Or are you the one looking for street-legal tires so that you can drive your UForce down streets? Either way, we got you covered. We have UForce tire and wheel kits no matter what type or size you are looking for.

Rather than going shopping for tires and rims separately, why not buy them together? You do not have to worry about buying a mismatched set either. By purchasing a UForce tire and wheel kit from Everything CFMoto Offroad, you get a premounted tire ready for use. So, you do not need to run around to find a tire press either.

Whether you are still running with the stock-size UForce tires or have upgraded to larger tires, we have the tire sizes that you are looking for.

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Tires are the way you feel the earth when you are offroading in your UForce. Changing the size of your tire will not only change the looks of your UForce but also its performance and capabilities while offroading. 

There is no way you are satisfied with the stock tires in your UForce. Chances are, you are looking for the right moment to swap out those stock tires for something that fits you. Until now, swapping out tires was a major undertaking. First, you need to find the rims that you need. Then you need to go shopping to find the right size tires to fit the set of rims you bought. A fumble in measuring could send you back to square one. And even if you do get the right size, you are not done. You need to find a tire press so that you can put those together.

We’ve made this process easier for you. We got premounted tires that are a perfect fit for your UForce. No matter which size or style you want, you can choose from our vast collection. You can even choose the rim color you want.

If your state laws require you to have street-legal UForce tire and wheel kits, we got them too. Rip the paved roads on your UForce with street-legal UForce tires.

Once you are satisfied with the tire size on your UForce, you should consider getting yourself a spare. You never know when you’ll get a flat. 

At Everything CFMoto Offroad, we have filtered through today’s market of UForce tire and wheel kits and brought you the best of the best. Some of our favorite manufacturers are, SuperATV, Fuel Off-Road, and Stiand Maxxis.