Tire and Wheel Accessories

There aren't many upgrades you can do that'll give you similar results as upgrading your tire. A UTV tire upgrade shows a major increase in its offroading capability and enhances the overall ride quality. But tires alone won't cut it. You need to look at the finer details to make the most out of it. With the right UForce tire and wheel accessories, you can get the most out of your tires.

Whether you are in the market for lug nuts, UForce tire repair kits, hubcaps, valve stem covers, or even tire chains, you are looking at the right place.

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Tires are the first to absorb the brutal terrain when offroading. They have to go through every bump and pothole as you drive through the trail. 

 Punctured tires are quite common when offroading. So, you need to carry a UForce tire repair kit with you when offroading. Unless your tires are shredded, you can repair them with some simple tools. These repair kits consist of everything you need to seal off the puncture and re-inflate your tire. All that is packed conveniently in a small pouch so that you can carry it with you at all times. Even if you do have a spare tire, we recommend that you have a UForce tire repair kit on you at all times.

 An electric air compressor is also a handy accessory to have. You can easily check your tire pressure using a PSI gauge and pump more air into it if needed. If an electric pump is too complicated for you, we also have simple hand pumps that are easy to use. These will come in handy if you want to change your tire pressure mid-drive. To get more traction, you can deflate your tires confidently knowing that you can re-inflate them as you hit the paved roads.

 Tires aren't the only parts that are taking abuse when offroading. The smaller parts like lug nuts, wheel bearings, and even tire valves can get damaged. At Everything CFMoto Offroad, we got all the UForce tire and wheel accessories you'll ever need.

 If you often ride your UForce in winter, you need to get yourself some UForce tire chains. They can be a lifesaver when driving through snow and ice. They'll give you the extra traction you need to stay on the road.

 Whatever UForce tire and wheel accessories you are looking for, we got them all.