Switches and Wiring

The more electronics you mount onto your UForce, the better it gets. You just enjoy your ride better with little things like a set of speakers, lights, or a blower. While some of these are optional, some electronics are necessary. Whether you are attaching a horn and blinkers to make your rig street legal or getting a navigation system so you don't get lost in the wilderness, you need these accessories to be functional and reliable.

These electronics will be useless without reliable UForce switches to control them and UForce wiring to connect them. At Everything CFMoto Offroad, we got everything you need to hook up any electronic accessory as well as the best aftermarket switches to take control of them.

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It's no secret that gear heads who own a UForce love doing repairs on it as well. But no one likes to meddle with electronics. 

 When offroading, the bumps tend to disconnect the wiring and you end up losing function on something that runs off your battery. To avoid these kinds of repairs altogether, you should consider upgrading your UForce wiring. If you don't want to do it yourself, get it done by a professional. This way you wouldn't lose power to your electrical components when you need it the most.

 To get comfortable in your UTV, you might have added some aftermarket electrical accessories. So how do you plan on controlling it? If you want a unique switch setup, you've come to the right place. Get yourself some UForce rocker switches, and UForce dash switches, or add a separate switch panel anywhere you want. While you are at it, you can replace all your boring stock switches as well. Turn your UForce into a cockpit enabling you to have full control of everything in your UForce.

 At Everything CFMoto Offroad, we've put forth a collection of cool switches that can easily be attached to your UForce. It is an awesome way to add a custom touch to your interior. UForce wiring is just as important as switches. We got reliable wiring so that you won't be troubled by frequent repairs. 

 Look for your favorite manufacturers above. We have some big names like Moose, Race Sport Lighting, ModQuad, and Dragonfire Racing among others.