Steering Wheels

Does your steering wheel feel comfortable when you are holding on to it? Since you are handling the UForce steering wheel as long as you are riding it, why not go for an aftermarket upgrade? Choose the design you want it to be and a design that will allow you to control UForce better.

Whatever your steering wheel needs are you've come to the right place. Get a UForce quick-release steering wheel which will increase your performance or a UForce heated steering wheel to keep your hands warm in the winter. We got everything from steering wheel kits to steering wheel nuts.

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The OEM steering wheel in your UForce is nothing to brag about. Even though its looks are bad, its reliability is even worse.

This is why many UForce owners decide to upgrade their steering wheels. It is a simple upgrade to do and well worth the money you spend on it. Ditch your unattractive stock UForce steering wheel and get a sportier-looking steering wheel ASAP.

Looks aren't the only benefit you are to gain from upgrading your steering. Custom steering wheels are made of different fabrics or leather to provide different textures when you lay your hands on them. Choose a material that feels comfortable in your hands. Also, make sure that you can have full control over the steering wheel.

Have you ever placed your hands on an aftermarket steering wheel? If so you probably replaced your UForce steering wheel already. If not, you should get one now. The stronger, race-quality steering wheels available on Everything CFMoto Offroad, give you more direct steering feel without the flex that is seen on the OEM UForce steering wheel. With an aftermarket steering wheel, there'll come a point where the steering wheel would feel like an extension of your own body. You'd be able to control your UForce better than ever when offroading.

Upgrading your steering wheel sometimes require adapters for a fixed installation or a quick-release attachment. Fortunately, we got all you need. At Everything CFMoto Offroad, we got a wide variety of steering wheels along with all the knick-knacks you need to install them. From bolt kits and hub spacers all the way up to steering wheel covers, we got them all. If you are looking for a comfortable, sturdy steering wheel to lay your hands on, we got the right brands for you.