Shocks and Springs

Ever been sore after a day of offroading in your UForce? That's because the shocks in your stock CFMoto UForce can't handle the trails you are riding in. The UForce shocks absorb some of the impacts when you drive through bumps and potholes, but almost half of it is absorbed by you, the rider. 

If you want a suspension system where you can offroad and feel like you are riding on top of clouds, Everything CFMoto Offroad is the place to be. We got superb aftermarket UForce shocks and UForce springs that'll keep you riding forever.

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The UForce springs absorb the hard landings when you are riding on your UForce. The UForce shocks do the rest by dampening the motion of the springs. This is the reason you are not thrown around at every bump when offroading in your UForce. Maybe you bounce a little bit with the stock UForce springs and shocks.

 Compared to other components in your UForce, shock absorbers tend to last longer. They can break if you take a hard landing or hit a bump too fast, but it is pretty rare. This doesn't mean that UForce shocks are good.

 Upgrading your shocks will make a world of difference in your UForce. With good aftermarket shocks, your ride will more stable, which will allow you to be sharper at corners. It makes a huge difference in handling and ride quality on your UForce, allowing you to ride your UForce all day long without feeling tired or sore the next day. They also keep the rest of the UForce protected by cushioning the impact when you are offroading. With some top-quality UForce springs and UForce shocks, you can ride over obstacles that were too high for you to clear before.

 The importance of high-quality shocks cannot be overstated. Whether you use your UForce for offroading or for work, a brand new set of aftermarket shocks would enhance your UTVs performance.

 At Everything CFMoto Offroad, we bring you shocks from several great manufacturers. Bronco, Aftermarket Assassins, ZBroz Racing, and High lifter are some brands we endorse.