Seats and Roll Cage

Unless you own a CFMoto UForce 1000XL, your seating capacity will be confined to 2 seats. But does it have to be that way? Why not use the space in the back to add a UForce jumper seat or UForce suspension seat and add two more passengers to your ride? With more passengers, you also need more safety. Don't forget to upgrade your UForce roll cage. Get an extended roll cage so that it will protect the two extra passengers in the back as well.

If you are looking for jumper seats, an upgrade for the driver and passenger seats, or a burly aftermarket roll cage, at Everything CFMoto Offroad, we got you covered.

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Why upgrade your seats when the factory UForce seats are already good? If you are asking this question, you've never sat in a proper seat. Considering you spend a lot of time in your UForce seat, you need to get it upgraded. The stock UForce seat serves its function, but it is not comfortable.  

You don't want to be sliding side to side when cornering. Performance upgrades aren't worth it if you can't slam the pedals from your end. Without comfortable seats that set you up in good posture, it is hard to put your mind and body into offroading. If you want something more than standard seats, you should get yourself UForce suspension seats. These seats feature a suspension kind of like the suspension in your UForce, absorbing any bumps when riding.

 If you want to be able to carry more passengers with you, so that they too can enjoy the UForce, you should consider getting UForce jump seats. They can be mounted to the back of your UForce and can easily accommodate two more passengers.

 Comfortable seats and two extra passengers mean you need to increase the UForce’s safety as well. The best way to do that is by putting up an aftermarket UForce roll cage. In case of a rollover, this will keep you and your passengers from getting hurt. Similarly, it will also protect the vital components of your UForce.

 Whether you are looking for better seats for you and your passengers or a strong UForce roll cage to keep you protected, we got you covered. At Everything CFMoto Offroad, we bring you UForce seats from brands like PRP Seats, Quad Boss and Ranch Armor. When it comes to UForce roll cages we endorse brands like UTV mountain and SuperATV.