Roof Racks

Get the most out of the payload capacity of your UForce. Attach a UForce roof rack to your UTV so that you can carry more gear in an organized manner. Roof racks allow you to get the most out of the unused vertical space above your UForce. You can carry all your hunting, camping, and Overlanding gear right above your head.

If you are looking for UForce roof racks, UForce roof baskets, or UForce safari racks, you've come to the right place. At Everything CFMoto Offroad, we have all you need to hook up your UForce with a UForce roof rack.

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Whether you are planning to go hunting, fishing, or camping on your UForce, you'd be carrying a lot of gear with you. There are many ways in which you can carry or tow your cargo. But when offroading, dragging a trailer behind you can be a burden. UForce roof racks on the other hand provide you with ample room to store your cargo while still allowing you to take on the most rugged terrain without causing you any hardships.

 Other than the increased storage, the room above your UForce will be much more useful than the room inside your cabin. You can carry dirty equipment or a spare tire on your roof rack without worrying about getting your interior dirty.

 The variety of roof racks available in Everything CFMoto Offroad, allows you to choose the roof rack that suits you best if you want to get maximum storage room above your UForce, the UForce safari rack might be the one for you. This gives you enough space to carry a ton of gear. If you want something smaller, a UForce rooftop basket might suit you better. Rather than squeezing all your gear inside your UForce, with a UForce roof rack you can carry your cargo in an organized manner while sitting comfortably inside your UForce. 

 Another untold benefit of roof racks is the protection it provides. It acts as an additional layer of protection from anything that might hit you from above such as falling branches or rocks.

 At Everything CFMoto Offroad, we bring you a variety of roof racks from the most popular manufacturers.