Roll Bar Handles/Grab Handles

Have you ever ridden a shotgun when offroading? Even if you haven’t you might have noticed your passengers bouncing around as you grab onto the wheel when the terrain gets rough. For the safety of your passengers and their comfort, get some UForce roll bar handles installed, so, they might ride with you on your next adventure.

At Everything CFMoto OFfroad, we have all types of UForce grab handles. Whether you are looking for UForce paracord grab handles or UForce metal grab handles, we got them all. Get yours now and just strap it on so that your passengers don’t get thrown around.

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In a really bumpy offroading trip, it is imperative that the passenger has something to hold onto so that they don’t get thrown around. Especially, if you are still using your UForce with the stock seat belts instead of a proper harness. 

Your UForce is built to take on the bumpiest trails. But can the same be said about you and your passenger? With a rig that is surrounded by metal, you can bump or twist your arm before the ride even starts. 

Sometimes, passengers instinctively put their hands out the window and grab onto the roll bar. This is probably the worst thing you can grab onto. If your UTV rolls over, the arm will be crushed by the full force of the UTV. It might even get stuck under there. Even bumping into a tree would cause a ton of damage.

Why take the risk when we have simple solutions to offer? At Everything CFMoto Offroad, we have UForce roll bar handles and grab handles that can be attached anywhere on your UForce. You can attach these handles to your roll bar or any other place you might grab onto. 

Don’t make the mistake of attaching the UForce grab handle onto a place where it slides and twists. This makes it hard to grab onto when needed. And even if you do manage to find it, if it slides around, it won’t offer much protection. But once this handle is firmly secured, they won't budge. 

At Everything CFMoto Offroad, we have UForce grab handles from the most trustworthy manufacturers around. We got handles from the likes of Bad Dawg, ATV TEK, Seizmik, and Warn among others.