Rear Drive Line / Suspension

You rarely hear about rear drive line problems from a stock UForce. Compared to other OEM parts in your UForce, the rear drive line is one of the more durable parts. If you own a UForce, you’ve probably made some changes to it. Though most changes won’t affect the rear drive line, if you’ve attached some oversized tires or gotten a lift kit, there is a good chance that you could end up with a broken rear drive line.

But does this mean you cannot upgrade your UForce? You have nothing to worry about if you’ve snapped your rear drive line or the parts surrounding it,  you can find UForce replacement rear drive line or suspension parts at Everything CFMoto Offroad.

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Rear drive line failures are quite rare but not unheard of. The main reason why they break is because of upgrades like bigger tires and lift kits. These upgrades demand more torque on the wheels. The additional torsional force that goes through the rear drive line tends to snap or crack the rear drive line. Either way, you need to find some replacement parts for the rear drive line.

If you haven’t done any major upgrades and still found a way to break your rear drive line, it is probably due to a lack of maintenance. Even improper driving habits can damage your UForce rear drive line. 

Depending on the damage your rear drive line has suffered, you would have to either replace the entire rear drive line, or the smaller parts that make it up. At Everything CFMoto Offroad, we got bearings and drive line knuckle assemblies that can be swapped out. We also have rear drive line replacement parts in the form of u-joints, circular clamps, and inboard boots. Or if you want to replace your entire UForce rear drive line or suspension, we have them too.

Just like the rear drive line, the rear suspension could also lose its shape with time. If you put your UForce through a ton of bumps and potholes, you would soon sag your rear suspension. Similarly, hauling heavy cargo in the back would also sag your rear suspension. 

At Everything CFMoto Offroad, we have the front drive line or suspension replacement parts you need to fix your UForce. By getting our aftermarket replacement parts, not only will you mend your UForce, but you will also make it stronger with our more durable replacement parts.