Front Differential

A small but crucial part, a front differential controls the speed at which the tire spins. Without it, you are in deep trouble. Your UForce will lose control when steering, increasing the chances of a crash or a rollover. 

The stock UForce front differential might not be strong enough if you take your UForce offroading. Depending on the terrain you frequently ride on, it might wear prematurely or get damaged. If you are looking to replace your UForce front differential, you've come to the right place. At Everything CFMoto Offroad, we got front differential and everything you need to replace them.

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Are you hearing a grinding noise when you are driving or taking turns? Do you see oil leaks under your UForce when you pull it out of the driveway? Chances are your front differential is either damaged or worn off.

 The front differential divides the torque produced by your UForce motor so that when you take a turn, the outside of the tire spins faster than the inside. The change in revolution speeds allows you to turn your UForce safely. 

 So, what happens when your UForce front differential goes bad? The worst thing is that the UTV will now lose traction. This could be fatal when offroading. It will also result in excessive wear on other components within the UForce powertrain. Your tires will also have uneven wear on them. 

 The UForce differential locker needs to work properly as well. With this feature, the differential gets locked in place so that both wheels turn at the same speed. This makes a world of difference when offroading. The mechanism allows you to get out of pesky situations by playing with the traction between the wheels.

 If you are hearing grinding noise and leaking oil, you need to check the state of your differential. If it has gone bad, you need to replace it immediately.

 At Everything CFMoto Offroad, we have the most durable front differentials you can find. Get all you need to replace your UForce front differential in the form of a front differential bearing and seal kit. We have differentials from some of the best manufacturers like Moose, Quad Logic, and SuperATV.