Cooling System

The UForce cooling system comprises many parts. As long as all of them work in unison, the cooling system will be able to maintain the engine’s temperature. The first part that comes to mind when thinking of the UForce cooling system is the radiator. The radiator does most of the heavy lifting but without, temperature sensors, radiator fans, coolant lines, and a water pump,  the UForce cooling system will cease to function.

At some point, your UForce cooling system will fail. You can either replace the parts that have failed, or the entire cooling system. Whatever UForce cooling system replacement parts you are looking for, you’ll find them all at Everything CFMoto Offroad.

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Protecting your cooling system isn’t hard. All you have to do is maintain coolant levels and avoid overloading the engine. Maintaining coolant levels is easy, but can you avoid stressing your engine? It is easier said than done if you are riding a UTV. Whether you are offroading or working with your UForce, you might regularly red line your engine. The stock components in your UForce cooling system might not be able to keep up with it.

Usually, it is the water pump in your cooling system that fails. The engine-powered pump in your UForce is often overloaded when you are offroading. At Everything CFMoto Offroad, we have better aftermarket UForce water pumps to keep up with your offroading.

Another common culprit for a failing cooling system is a dirty radiator. If you ride through a lot of mud and dirt, your radiator fins will soon get coated with dirt or mud. This will reduce the airflow through the fins. This is what the radiator fan is for. But it isn’t supposed to be working all the time. Similarly, if you aren’t moving forward when offroading, your radiator won’t get enough airflow. In a rig like the UForce, your fan is often overloaded and fails prematurely. Relocating your radiator kit is your best bet to protect your radiator.

Other parts in your UForce cooling system can also fail. By getting your failed parts replaced with our aftermarket UForce cooling system replacement parts, you can ensure that your cooling system lasts longer. Everything from thermostats, high-performance cooling fans, seals, and gaskets to entier UForce cooling systems can be found in Everything CFMoto Offroad. Whatever cooling system replacement part you are looking for, we got you covered.