The UForce braking system is one of those parts in your rig that wears of prematurely. Unless you have invested in an upgrade, you might be searching for UForce brake replacement parts frequently. The good news is that we got the brake replacement parts you are looking for. Whether it is worn-off brake pads, warped brake rotors, or even ruptured brake lines, we got the replacement parts you need.

Once you replace your damaged or worn-off brake components with our aftermarket replacement parts, you won’t have to visit us for quite a while for your brake needs.

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Offroading in your UForce forces you to slam the brakes frequently. Unlike driving on a highway, your foot is bound to spend more time on the brake pedal when offroading. So, it is common for your brake pads to wear off prematurely. Even if you primarily use your UForce for work, if you use it to haul a lot of cargo, that will put additional stress on your brake pads. No matter what you use your UForce for, brake pads won’t last long. 

This is when you start looking for replacement brake pads. At Everything CFMoto Offroad, we have both front and rear brake pads that are made of different materials than your OEM brake pads. We can’t guarantee our aftermarket UForce brake pad replacements would last a lifetime, but they will certainly clock in more hours than the OEM brake pads.

The same can be said about other brake components as well. Offroading and hauling cargo puts stress on the entire brake system. So, you will eventually have a set of warped rotors on your UForce. Again, UForce brake rotor replacements are the best solution for your problems. Ruptured brake lines are also a common occurrence as we’ve seen them many times. If you are running with the stock UForce skid plate or with no skid plate at all, you’ll damage your brake lines sooner or later.

At Everything CFMoto Offroad, we have every brake replacement part you are looking for. Whether you are looking for brake pads, brake rotors, brake lines, brake fluid, or even brake sensors, you can find them all right over here.