Radius Rods and Tie Rods

The stock UForce radius rods and tie rods are pretty fragile. If you are yet to increase the ground cleared of your UForce, with the measly ground clearance it rolls out of the factory, no wonder you broke the tie rods or radius rods offroading. All it takes is one rock and you could lose your rods.

These rods control the position of your wheels. Whether you snapped your tie rod or radius rod, you'll soon feel the effects. Driving in such a UForce is never advisable. So, get your UForce tie rods and UForce radius rods replaced with more durable aftermarket rods at Everything CFMoto Offroad.

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Broken UForce tie rods and radius rods are quite common, especially due to the low ground clearance you get on your stock UForce. Even if you are super careful and mainly use your UForce for work, your radius rods and tie rods will eventually wear off. Before you lose control of your steering, get your rods replaced.

 A broken, bent, or worn-off tie rod is the last thing you want to face. The UForce tie rods connect the steering rack to the wheels. Without it, you won't be able to steer your UForce. The tie rods are located in the front end of your UTV. So they see a lot of action and take a ton of beatings.

 Similarly, a broken radius rod will also cause a plethora of problems. It affects almost every part of your suspension. Though it is not important for steering, it is still a crucial component. Without enough ground clearance on your UForce, they commonly get caught on a rock or stick and end up being damaged.

 When either one of these rods has failed or worn off, the effects will be serious. It'll start with immense vibration along with weird noises. Later it will lead to uneven tire wear and other potentially larger problems.

 Whether your UForce tie rods or UForce radius rods have already failed, or you are trying to avoid failure beforehand, it is best to get your rods upgraded. 

 If you offroad quite a lot, grab a heavy-duty tie rod or radius rod from Everything CFMoto Offroad. This will survive the hits from the trail. At Everything CFMoto Offroad, we got all the parts you need to repair or upgrade your rods.