Rack and Pinions

Are you on the hunt for the best UForce rack and pinion for your side-by-side? Or maybe you are just looking for parts to repair your stock UForce rack and pinion? Either way, we got you covered. Whether you are looking for a UForce steering rack, pinion gears, lubricating grease, pinion bushing, or a rack and pinion rebuild kit, you are in good hands with Everything CFMoto Offroad.

Driving with a bad rack in pinion is never a good idea. With a faulty rack and pinion, not only will you be getting excess vibration on your steering rack, but the steering will also be a bit off. When offroading, where the slightest mistake could leave you in deep trouble, this is not an issue you want to deal with.

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Steering is one of the main factors when it comes to ride quality and ride safety. If and when your steering starts acting up, you would know it in an instant. When your UForce rack and pinion, which is a major component in your UForce steering system fails, you will notice vibrations on your steering wheel. You will also feel that your steering is not as straight and true as it once was. 

In the UForce rack and pinion, the input you give to the steering wheel is sent to the road wheels. The revolving motion is read by the pinion which is a circular gear. Then it is converted to linear motion at the rack which is a linear gear. When either one of these is off, your steering input will not reach your wheels accurately.

These components tend to wear easily on your UForce. The stock rack and pinion will require a lot of lubrication if they were to serve you for a long time. Get the lubrication grease you need at Everything CFMoto Offroad.

The parts in your rack and pinion can wear off with time. They can also break when offroading. When replacing these parts, make sure to get aftermarket parts so that they don’t break or wear off easily. Unlike your stock UForce parts, these aftermarket parts tend to last longer.

The same can be said about UForce rack and pinion replacement. Rather than having to replace every part individually, why not replace the whole kit? You already know that your stock UForce rack and pinion cannot take a beating when you go off the road. Sooner or later, you’d have to replace every single part. Rather than doing that, you can save time and money by replacing your entire rack and pinion with an aftermarket set we have on Everything CFMoto Offroad. 

We have sourced the best rack and pinion manufacturers so that your steering doesn’t malfunction again.