Prop Shafts

The prop shaft is a crucial component in your UForce drivetrain. The UForce prop shaft, which is short for ‘propeller shaft’ connects the transmission shaft to the pinion shaft at the wheel axle.  So why is it important? Basically, it transfers the power generated by the engine to your axles. So, it is an important component in the transfer of power to the wheels. 

Whether you are looking for prop shaft yokes, prop shaft u-joints, and prop shaft carrier bearing, you’ve come to the right place. We got better aftermarket replacements for your UForce drive shaft so you don’t have to go back to the OEM parts that failed in the first place. 

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A functional UForce prop shaft is crucial to be able to drive your side by side safely. A bent or broken prop shaft will leave you with a set of serious problems. Some of these problems are more noticeable than others.

For starters, you’ll feel an immense vibration behind the wheel. Not only you, but also passengers will be able to feel these vibrations. If left untreated it will cause many more parts in your UForce to fail. Driving your UForce is also dangerous with the vibrations that are caused by a busted propeller shaft.

If you notice that your UForce drive shaft is broken, you need to replace it immediately. This time, rather than going back to weak OEM prop shafts, you’d be better off with a better aftermarket UForce prop shaft.

So, what makes a good prop shaft? Obviously, it should be strong and durable. The geometric precision that goes into designing the prop shaft should be on point. The surface of the UForce prop shaft should be corrosion-resistant. Finally, it should also be weldable.

At Everything CFMoto Offroad, we have handpicked UForce prop shafts that display all of the qualities above. They are made of heat-treated high-carbon steel for durability. They are also powder coated to avoid corrosion. Finally, it will not lose its integrity if welded. 

We have UForce drive shafts from the top brands like SuperATV, All Balls Racing, Moose, and Quad Logic. Whether you are looking for parts or complete UForce prop shafts, we got them all. Even if your prop shaft hasn’t failed yet, it can be rewarding to take the time to replace it with a burlier aftermarket prop shaft.