Portal Gear Lifts

Portal gears are a cheap and easy way to increase your UForce ground clearance. The lack of knowledge about this method is one of the reasons why people don’t get UForce portal gear lifts. If you don’t know,  this is where you reduce the size of your gears by 15% to 45% to accommodate bigger tires. The smaller gear size will ensure that you don’t lose any torque even with bigger tires.

Unlike lift kits, you don’t have to change your axles, A-Arms, and other parts. You can stick to most of your stock components and easily get your UForce lifted. Using UForce Portal gear lifts, you can get up to 6 or even 8 inches of increased ground clearance. At Everything CFMoto Offroad, we got all you need to increase your ground clearance using UForce portal gear lifts.

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One of the main reasons owners lift their UForce is to accommodate bigger tires. With the UForce portal gear lift kits, you can now easily add your 34 or 35-inch massive tires. But why should you consider portal gear lifts compared to the more traditional methods?

One of the reasons is the simple mods needed to fit in portal gears. Traditional suspension lifts and other means of adding ground clearance require major modifications. Portal gear lifts, only relocate the axle and suspension.

They also reduce the need for more modifications. Bigger tires are heavier and harder to turn. So, no matter which method you use to lift your UForce, if you attach bigger tires, you will need to get your gears reduced so that you don’t lose torque turning heavy tires. With portal gear lift kits, gears are reduced anyway so that you can house bigger tires.

Another huge benefit is the increase in the width you get. Other methods of lifting your UTV, don’t give a noteworthy increase in width. But with the portal gear lift kit attached next to your axles, you get around 4 additional inches per side. This means you’ll be able to widen your UForce by 8 inches, significantly increasing its balance.

If 6 inches isn’t enough for you, At Everything CFMoto Offroad, we got a portal gear lift kit made by SuperATV which offers an impressive 8 inches of extra ground clearance. 

Whether you are looking to get bigger tires or just need more ground clearance for smooth offroading, at Everything CFMoto Offroad we got everything you need to lift your rig.