Pet Accessory

Is it fair for you to have all the fun while you leave your pets behind? Until now, you’ve had your excuses, but with UForce pet accessories, take your furry friends along with you. Not only will they enjoy it, but you could also have more fun with your companions.

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. But we got you covered, we got the right pet accessories no matter what type of dog you own. The ride can get bumpy when offroading, but just like the aftermarket accessories we have to keep you safe, we can also keep your dogs safe with our UForce pet accessories. Whether you want to keep your dog caged in the back or riding shotgun with you, we got all you need.

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It is no surprise that dogs love to hit the road just as much as you do. Taking man’s best friend offroading is not the same as taking a drive around the block. They enjoy riding the trails just as much as you do, and with our UForce pet accessories, it is possible for you to take your pets offroading.

Dogs tend to overheat easily, especially riding the trails on a UTV on a hot day. So you need to carry enough water to keep it cool. We got cool travel bowls that can be folded down when you are not using them. You can even store it in your glove compartment. 

We can’t stress this enough, dogs overheat much faster than people. So, if you have a furry friend, help it cool down with a cooling mat from Everything CFMoto Offroad. They are like yoga mats for dogs but with a gel layer underneath to keep them cool.

You also need to plan out which seat you are going to offer your dog. For bigger dogs, we have dog cages that can be fitted onto your bed. We have smaller cages if needed as well. But what if you want your dog riding shotgun? Obviously, you do not want them to fall on the floor every time you hit a bump or slam the brakes. The stock seat belts won’t cut it. Rig your UForce with a dog harness we have on Everything CFMoto Offroad. Some dogs also tend to go crazy once they see a squirrel or rabbit. The wilderness is filled with them, so you might also need a tether to keep them in place.

Whether you need your dog beside you to sniff out a trail, or just want to spend a day out with your pet, we got the ideal UForce pet accessories, so you and your dog can enjoy offroading in a UForce.