Molle Panel and Accessories

Transform your CFMoto UForce into a superior utility vehicle with our exclusive CFMoto UForce Molle Panel & Accessories collection, the only shop you need for all of your Molle needs and wants! Featuring tailor-made Molle panels, our range includes innovative hooks, anchors, swivels, custom-designed storage pouches, advanced panel storage solutions, dedicated sunglass compartments, versatile swivel hooks, strong Molle plates, and flexible buckles! These modular panels, crafted for the adventurous spirit, offer unmatched customization, ensuring that every piece of equipment has its perfect spot. Ideal for quick access to essential tools or securing larger items, our selection combines practicality with a touch of style. Take your CFMoto UForce capabilities to a whole new level and be sure to always have everything you need! Order today and enjoy for many years to come!

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What to Look Out for When Buying CFMoto UFORCE Molle Panel & Accessories?

What Do You Want to Carry with Your CFMoto UFORCE?

Small Items

For items you frequently use like tools, scissors, your phone, or flashlights, opt for Molle panel strips that can be placed within easy reach of the driver's seat. 

This ensures quick and easy access to essential tools during your rides without using too much space in the process.

Larger Items

Consider CFMoto UForce-specific Molle-enhanced compartments for larger items such as camping gear or emergency kits like shovels, etc.

These specialized storage solutions provide organized, accessible storage, keeping your equipment neatly arranged and within easy reach for when you need it the most.

Heavy Items

For heavy or extremely bulky items, sturdy Molle plates and hooks are essential while also placing these either on the roof or somewhere where they won’t roll.

They provide the necessary support to keep your equipment secure, ensuring nothing shifts or falls during your adventures with your CFMoto UForce.

Load Capacity and Vehicle Dynamics

The Molle system should not affect the UForce's balance, especially during high-speed cornering.

It’s up to you to choose panels and storage solutions that help distribute the weight evenly. 

Therefore, be sure to look for options with strong nylon webbing or reinforced backings to match the weight of your gear, maintaining your UForce’s performance.

Build Materials and Durability

To make the most out of everything, only select materials that withstand off-road conditions, either by being certified to do so, or simply because they are made out of sturdy materials.

Durable fabrics like nylon or polyester are ideal for their resistance to the elements. For a more rigid setup, consider aluminum panels, although they offer less flexibility. 

The stitching and attachment points should be sturdy enough to endure the challenges of off-road terrain.

Looks and Styling

The aesthetic appeal of Molle panels and accessories is also crucial, so do keep that in mind.E

Choose designs that complement UForce’s style and how you want it to look going forward.

Whether you're looking for a sleek, modern look or a more rugged, off-road appearance, select colors and styles that enhance your UForce’s visual appeal without compromising functionality.

Installation and Accessibility

To conclude, it’s also a good idea to look for CFMoto UFORCE Molle panels and accessories that are easy to install and offer convenient access to your gear. 

This will ensure a hassle-free experience, whether setting up for a journey or reaching for tools on the go. 

Flexible systems that can be adjusted or removed as needed offer versatility in organizing and using your equipment for different activities and outings.