Long Travel Kits

Are you wondering, what is the gain from widening your side by side? Your UForce with a factory width of 58 inches is not suitable for long travel. Unfortunately, you are missing out on a lot by keeping your UForce stock. Upgrading your rig with a  UForce long travel kit allows you to turn it into a more comfortable and stable side-by-side for long-distance traveling and better offroading.

Though the CFMoto UForce doesn’t roll out of the factory with long travel kits, there are plenty of aftermarket options out there for you. At Everything CFMoto Offroad, we have simplified your search by bringing the best suitable long-distance kits for your UForce.

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Though some UTVs come installed with long travel kits, the UForce isn’t one of them. By widening your UTV you can make it comfortable to ride. Also, it significantly reduces the chances of toppling over, which is vital to traveling long distances safely. The UForce has one of the worst widths in the category. So, upgrading it with an aftermarket UForce long travel kit will complete what the UForce lacks.

A long travel kit is a complete suspension overhaul. You are going to need longer A-arms, axles, and tie rods. With an aftermarket long travel kit, you can increase the width of your UForce by at least 3 inches per side. Some kits even allow you to get upwards of 6 inches per side. Basically, you can increase the width of your UForce up to 70 inches with a UForce long travel kit.

The added stability will allow you to take turns faster without the risk of toppling. It also makes offroading safer. The wider suspension absorbs most of the bumps and potholes in your trail. Giving you a smoother ride.

You also might have noticed that the wheel sits further away from the ride. This brings us to another advantage of UForce long travel kits. With nothing above the wheel, you can upgrade to a massive set of wheels and stand out from the crowd. 

There are many manufacturers of long travel kits out there. Not all of them are reliable or worth the money. At Everything CFMoto Offroad, we’ve brought you the best aftermarket long travel kits along with everything you need to install these long travel kits to your CFMoto UForce.