Lift Kits

Additional ground clearance is the dream of many UTV owners. Why not make that dream a reality? With a UForce lift kit from Everything CFMoto Offroad, add a few more inches to your rig. Glide over obstacles like they are nothing and protect the underbelly of your UForce by elevating it. 

Depending on your needs, choose the type of upgrade you need. At Everything CFMoto Offroad, we have Full bracket UForce lift kits, UForce lift springs, UForce 2” bracket lift, UForce portal lift gear, and many more UForce lift kits and accessories.  Get more than half a foot of additional ground clearance using the UForce lift kits listed below. 

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To be good at offroading you need to have good ground clearance on your UTV. There is no denying that UForce falls behind its competitors when it comes to ground clearance. Even the UForce 1000 gets just over 11 inches of ground clearance, while its competitors get 2 to 3 inches more. Thankfully, adding a UForce lift kit is a cheap and easy way to surpass your competitors in terms of ground clearance. 

With enough ground clearance, the UForce can be a beast off the road. The additional ground clearance will allow you to plow through snow, ride over rocky terrain, ride over bumps and other obstacles with ease, and even clear mud and water up to a certain height without any issues. It also significantly reduces the chances of getting stuck in the mud. 

That being said, one of the main reasons UForce owners get lift kits is to accommodate bigger tires. Get a more aggressive look by adding a UForce lift kit and bigger tires.

Another benefit is the protection a lift kit offers to your undercarriage. When riding through rough terrain, you constantly hit the bottom of your UForce. This can slowly damage the UTV. Increasing the ground clearance will significantly reduce the chances of bumping the bottom of your UForce on the ground. It will also protect the lower half of the body from scratches and dents. 

At Everything CFMoto we ensure that you get the best lift kits possible for your UForce. One of the disadvantages of getting a lift kit is stiffer shocks. The lift kits that we offer are engineered to give you the smoothest ride possible. We endorse lift kits from industry-leading manufacturers like SuperATV, HighLifter, RT Pro, and PowerSports among others.