Heat Shields

The ideal engine temperature is around 200F. This heat is more than enough to give you 3rd-degree burns. This engine temperature is conducted throughout your UForce. Though the intensity decreases, it is still hot enough to burn you. Similarly, this heat can also damage the plastic and wiring in your UForce as well. The best way to protect yourself and your UTV is by attaching a UForce Heat shield. 

At Everything CFMoto Offroad, we have UForce engine heat shields, UForce foot saver heat shields, UForce under-seat heat shields, and many more. We have everything you need to protect your skin from hot surfaces on your UForce.


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There are many types of UForce heat shields that you can attach to your UTV. Whether it is adhesive heat shields, aluminum heat shields, wiring sleeves, or exhaust wraps, you are looking at the right place. 

The metal in your UForce can rise to temperatures upwards of 150F. Unless you’ve been burnt by the tip of your exhaust before, chances are you’ve never felt the full aftermath of engine heat. A couple of hours riding and you can cook an egg on a metal surface on your UForce. 

You’ll only get burnt if you touch a hot surface. But other components in your UTV will continuously be in contact with these hot metals. This heat can easily damage wiring and other accessories in your UForce. In some extreme cases, it can even melt the plastic body panels in your UTV. 

UForce heat shields do a great job at restraining the heat to the metal components. They reflect the heat and radiation from the engine block and exhaust. By doing so they significantly reduce the heat dispersed. 

The heat emitted from your engine and exhaust can also reduce the comfort of your ride. If it were a cold day, this heat will offer some warmth inside the cabin. But on a hot summer afternoon, add the heat radiating into the cabin from the engine and you’d feel like you are inside an oven. 

At Everything CFMoto Offroad, we have all the things you need to contain the heat produced by your engine. We have heat shields for your dash, console, cabin, and even your bed. Also, we have the most effective heat shields in the market, manufactured by companies like Design Engineering, HMF Racing, and Custom Dynamics.