Hand Controls

With advancements in modern automobile technology, you can install hand controls to your UForce and enjoy the trail. With a few minor modifications, you can get any type of hand control on your UForce. 

Different people prefer different hand controls. If you do not prefer the standard push and pull and we have push-right angle configuration, push-twist, and push rock setups as well. Everything you need to install hand controls can be found at our one-stop shop. Once the hand controls are installed, we have military-grade riding gloves so that you can protect your hands when riding the UForce.

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Hand controls allow a rider to get just as much control as a rider who uses pedals. It is often assumed that hand controls are only applicable to domestic vehicles like cars and SUVs. This is not true. Though it can be a bit tricky to get hand controls on a side by side, it is still possible and highly successful.

You might be overthinking about the amount of control you’d get when using hand controls on a UTV. After all, a ride in the trails on a UForce is not going to be as smooth as paved roads. On the hand controls available on Everything CFMoto Offroad, the control handle is in a vertical position. This gives you precision control and allows you to keep both hands on the steering wheel most of the time. 

One of the most suitable styles of hand controls for the UForce is the push and rock style hand controls. It allows you to push the gas and hit the brakes at the same time. And you will also be able to keep both hands on the wheel. This is ideal for both offroading and leisure riding. 

Though fitting other styles of hand controls are possible, we recommend that you go with the push and rock style. This is easy to install on your UForce compared to other hand controls. More importantly, the ability to keep both hands on the wheel is compulsory when offroading. 

These kits are customizable to suit the driver. So don’t worry about the compatibility cause this will fit you perfectly. Quality hand controls are necessary to ensure the safety of the driver. At Everything CFMoto Offroad, we only offer you tried and tested hand controls that are 100% safe to use.