GPS and Navigation

Go anywhere with confidence thans to our market-leading collection of CFMoto UFORCE GPS Units & Navigation systems, specifically designed to help you and your UFORCE find a way at all times! Discover ultra-responsive GPS touchscreens, accurate navigators for varied landscapes, and multi-functional digital control units and switch boxes. These tools are engineered to guide you through even the most challenging terrain with ease and certainty. These solutions promise not only safety and efficiency but also an enriched, worry-free exploration experience. Embrace technology of tomorrow, and venture into territories uncharted by fellow UFORCE enthusiasts. Get yours now and never look back!

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What to Look Out for When Buying CFMoto UForce GPS and Navigation Accessories?

Handheld vs. Vehicle-Mounted GPS Options

First of all, you need to decide between handheld and vehicle-mounted GPS units based on your needs and what you believe suits you better.

Handheld CFMoto UForce GPS units offer flexibility and are ideal for multi-environment use, but require regular battery charging. 

Vehicle-mounted units, integrated into the UForce’s dashboard, provide a more stable and seamless navigation experience during rides, drawing power directly from the vehicle.

So, portable ones are great if you own multiple UTVs and you like exploring on foot, but if you only care about your UForce, a dashboard-mounted unit will give you better functionality and there is no need to worry about battery life.

Precision and Dependability in Navigation

Always opt for CFMoto UForce  GPS units with superior satellite technology for precise navigation, essential in remote or rugged terrains. 

Since these devices should be more capable than a traditional smartphone GPS, they have to work in remote locations where signals are hard to come by.

Ensure the device has high-quality receivers and strong satellite signal capabilities to maintain accuracy in diverse environments, including dense forests and high altitudes.


Prioritize convenience with an intuitive interface, one that can easily be navigated even while driving through challenging terrain.

Features like a clear display, straightforward menus, and responsive touchscreen controls are vital. 

Systems with preloaded maps and extensive off-road trail data enhance navigation confidence, providing detailed information about various terrains and points of interest for you and your CFMoto UForce!

Trail Maps and Terrain Coverage

If you are a huge off-road enthusiast, be sure to select a GPS offering detailed and comprehensive off-road trail maps near you.

These maps should include accurate details of trails, waypoints, and landmarks, tailored to the terrains you intend to explore with your CFMoto UForce. 

As such, look for systems allowing easy map updates, ensuring access to the latest trail information.

Connectivity and Smart Features

Consider CFMoto UForce GPS systems with real-time updates for the latest trail information and weather conditions. 

Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free operation and device integration is a significant advantage. 

Lastly, assess compatibility with external devices like cameras to enrich your off-road adventures.