Fire/Medical Rescue

Offroading is full of unpredictability, and before you head out into the unknown, you need to be prepared. You never know when things might take a turn for the worst. In the US alone, over 100,000 offroading injuries are reported annually. Similarly, over 150,000 vehicles catch fire every year. So, carrying Uforce fire accessories and UForce medical accessories can be the difference between life and death.

At Everything CFMoto Offroad, we have everything you need to make your rig suitable for offroading, including UForce fire accessories and medical rescue accessories. We have everything from UForce fire extinguishers and med kits all the way up to UForce medical beds and UForce fire units.

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When you're out on the open road with your UForce, you want to feel as safe as possible—and that starts with the right accessories. Having your UForce equipped with UForce fire accessories or UForce medical rescue accessories is a must.

Maybe you are not a professional in the rescue service, and you are wondering why you would need fire/medical rescue gear. Though UForce is not known as a fire hazard, there is always a chance. A fuel or electric leak can always start a fire. At this moment, if you have a UForce fire extinguisher, you can easily save your UTV from thousands of dollars worth of damage. With a UForce fire extinguisher mount, you can easily set up a fire extinguisher on the side of your UTV without losing much space.

Fire/Medical rescue accessories are designed with safety in mind. With these products, you can be assured that your UForce is equipped with the best safety features available. That’s why here at Everything CFMoto Offroad, we make it our duty to bring you the most effective and reliable UForce fire accessories and UForce medical accessories.

You can’t cut corners when it comes to safety, so when you're looking for protection from flames or from medical emergencies, be sure to check us out at Everything CFMoto Offroad.