Fender Flares and Protection

Offroading on your UForce not only takes a toll on your engine but also damages your body. You don’t need to crash your UTV to damage your body. The mud, dirt, and sand that accumulate on the surface of your UForce when riding slowly weaken the structural integrity of the body.

Attaching front fenders, rear fenders, or better yet, a complete set of fender flares to your UForce will offer you an additional layer of protection. With a solid set of fenders on your UForce, you do not need to break your back scraping the mud and crud off your UTV after a day on the trail.

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After enjoying your ride all day on the trail, there is nothing worse than coming home to spend hours cleaning your UTV. Mud and sand make the journey thrilling, but they aren’t forgiving on your UForce. If you are lucky, only your exterior will be covered in mud. But some courses force mud inside the UTV as well. 

Cleaning your UTV after a ride is compulsory. But if the mud, dirt, and grime are confined to the exterior you can easily hose it down. If you are an adventurous rider, you need some modifications to contain the dirt on your exterior. One of the best ways to do so is by adding aftermarket fender flares and mudguards for additional protection. This will not only keep mud from reaching hard-to-clean places, but it will also limit the mud on your exterior

Other than the additional protection, these aftermarket fenders are also a way of customizing your UTV. They make your UForce stand out from the rest. They are far more durable than your stock fenders as well.

There are levels of protection depending on the fenders you choose. Some brands produce mud shields and fenders that reach out around 4 inches more than your stock fenders. With these, most of the dirt that is sprayed from the front end of your UTV will be caught by the extended fender flare. 

You can also get undercarriage protection by getting something like an Underbed Mud Shield with Fender Extensions. These are manufactured using lightweight and durable plastic so that they don’t weigh down your UForce.

There are many manufacturers of fender flares and other sorts of mud protection. Not all of them offer high-quality products. At Everything CFMotot Offroad, we filter all the manufacturers and offer you the best among them. We have products from industry leaders like MudBusters, Spike Powersports, Trail Armor, Strong Made, etc…