Drive Belts

Are you smelling burnt rubber when you are a bit hard on the engine? Maybe you are also hearing a thumping noise along with it? A quick inspection of your drive belt should let you know when your drive belt is failing. 

UForce drive belts last around 3000 miles at best. This number is only valid if you rarely take your UTV offroad and stick to gentle tracks most of the time. When your drive belt fails, do not turn back to the inferior OEM drive belts. Use this opportunity to treat yourself with a strong and durable aftermarket drive belt. If you want to avoid being immobilized in the middle of nowhere, get your aftermarket drive belt ASAP.

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Just like many other UTVs, the CFMoto Uforce also operates using a CVT transmission. Drive belts transfer the power from the engine to the transmission. Without the drive belt, the CVT transmission on your UForce will not function.

The moment you strain your engine with your offroading, the stock drive belt in your UForce will fail. The stock belt refrains you from putting the peddle to the metal or carrying weight even close to the UForce’s payload capacity. When you expose your OEM belt to dust, dirt, and mud when offroading, your belt will start to slip and eventually shred.

After spending a fortune on the CFMoto UForce, why limit its capabilities due to a lackluster drive belt? When you get the opportunity, do not hesitate to upgrade your drive belt with one of the top-quality drive belts we’ve listed above.

At Everything CFMoto Offroad, we have selected the best driving belts in the market from manufacturers like SuperATV, HighLifter, Evolution Powersports, Trinity Racing, and Moose. With one of these belts on your UForce, you do not have to worry about replacing your drive belt any time soon.  They are tested and proven to be reliable and long-lasting.

With this upgrade, you can ride through dunes, mud, and any other rough terrain you can think of. These belts are made of super strong fibers so that they do not shred. They are also engineered to withstand immense heat and they are strong and flexible enough to survive the adventurous rides that you dreamt of.

With the upgraded drive belt, you can now get bigger tires and the lift kit that you always wanted.