A cooler is a must-have whether you are on a hunting trip, fishing trip, picnic, hiking, or just camping overnight. You can store your food, beverages, and bait for an extended period without turning with a top-quality cooler. 

Coolers come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you are looking for a cooler box, cooler bag, or even a portable refrigerator that uses the battery on your UForce to keep its contents at a custom temperature according to your needs, we got you covered. If you are equipped with the right type of coolers, with the storage space available in your CFMoto UForce, you can easily carry enough food and beverages to last you for days.

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Without a good cooler, you won’t be able to enjoy any adventurous trip. You can keep your food fresh and beverages cold when equipped with the right cooler. Or if you are on a hunting or fishing trip, fresh bait is crucial for your success. Either way, since you are an outdoor enthusiast who already owns a CFMoto UForce, complete your trek gear with a top-quality cooler we have to offer. 

You already know that coolers come in all shapes and sizes. So what suits you best? 

A cooler bag is very light and can carry a lot of volumes. If you are hunting or fishing, you would have to leave your UForce and continue your journey on foot at some point. If you get a cooler bag with lightweight padded straps, you can easily carry it over your shoulder. At Everything CFMoto Offroad, you can find a camo cooler bag so that you can blend in with your surrounding for a successful hunt.

Cooler boxes on the other hand have more storage space and can keep a low temperature for a longer period. Though they are not easy to transport, on some trips you won’t need to carry your food everywhere you go. If you are planning on spending a few days camping in the wilderness, a cooler box might suit you better.

If you are planning on spending weeks at a time riding your UForce, we recommend that you go for a mini refrigerator-style cooler. Since they are powered up, they can keep your food and bait fresh for days. 

Whatever cooler you are looking for, Everything CFMoto Offroad is a one-stop shop for all your needs. We’ve got high-grade dependable coolers from all the leading manufacturers as of now.