Cleaning Suppllies

Cleaning your ride after a day of adventure in the great outdoors is not only about making it look good. The primary motive of cleaning your UForce is to protect it. After a day on the trails, your side-by-side will be coated in dust, mud, dirt, and other impurities. If they are let to rest on the body of your UForce, they will induce rust and drive train problems. At the very least, it will leave an unremovable stain.

Cleaning your UTV is a simple chore if you are equipped with the right cleaning supplies. At everything CFMoto Offroad, we are proud to offer you an impressive lineup of interior and exterior cleaning supplies for your CFMoto UForce.

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When buying a UForce, you are making an investment. So, you need to do your part in protecting it. A day on the trail doesn’t end when you reach home. Before letting your UTV rest, you need to hose it down and clean it.

The first order of business after a ride is to hose down your UTV. This will remove mud and dirt that is stuck to your body. Often water won’t do the trick. You have to get your hands dirty and start scrubbing. You need to use a brush with soft synthetic bristles as listed on Everything CFMoto Offroad so that you don’t damage the paint job or your decals. 

When choosing a cleaner, it should not harm the body of the UTV. Some cleaners are too strong and they end up damaging your paint. So choose a cleaner that helps you remove dirt easily but doesn’t harm your UForce.

Some spots formed by mud or oil can be hard to remove. Rather than scrubbing till your paint comes off, you should consider using a degreaser to remove those stains. 

Similarly, you should also show the same care to your interior. Use appropriate cleaning supplies on your seats and plastic.

Maintaining your UForce properly requires you to own a few different cleaning supplies. Finding quality products for a cheap price is not easy. At Everything CFMoto Offroad, we have listed every cleaning product you need to keep your UForce good-looking and protected. From wash mitts to UForce-tailored detergents, we have them all.