Carrier Bearings

The lifespan of a carrier bearing depends on the style of driving. In a car, it could last over 100,000 miles. The same can’t be said about a UTV. The UForce is built to be ridden on rugged terrain. Rocks, trees, potholes, mud, and other obstacles cause the carrier bearings to wear off quickly. 

Though the OEM carrier bearings on your UForce won’t last long, at Everrything CFMoto Offroad, we have aftermarket carrier bearings that could last 2 to 3 times longer than OEM bearings. These are engineered to withstand abuse from the terrain on which you drive on.

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The carrier bearing is a type of support bearing that keeps a rotating shaft in alignment. It is located at either end of the driveshaft and helps transfer power from the engine to the wheels.

Excessive vibrations, difficulty steering, increase in engine noise, and reduced fuel economy are some symptoms of a failing carrier bearing. You should avoid driving your UForce if you suspect that your carrier bearings have failed. Carrier bearings keep the differential from wobbling. Once they wear off, they can cause damage to the differential and other components in your driveshaft. 

You can’t avoid carrier-bearing failure, especially in a UTV, since it is often going to be driven through rough terrain. Once you notice symptoms of failure, don’t procrastinate in replacing the bearing.

Use this opportunity to get your bearings replaced with better aftermarket carrier bearings instead of an OEM bearing. The reason why your stock bearing failed prematurely is due to its poor quality. So, do not depend on it again. 

Treat your driveshaft with strong and reliable carrier bearings. That way, you won’t have to repair your UForce every time you go off-roading. 

At Everything CFMoto Offroad, we have a collection of the most popular and trustworthy brands of carrier bearings. Browse through our archives to find bearings from manufacturers like Super ATV, Quad Logic, and Sand Craft. 

Depending on your driving habits choose the bearing that you may need. If you are a casual rider, choose a cast aluminum carrier bearing. If you are someone who takes offrroading to the extreme, you might fare better with billet aluminum carrier bearings.