Brakes are just as important for your CFMoto UForce. When you are offroading or hauling a lot of weight, you need to be able to generate enough stopping power in order to avoid a crash. Getting your brakes upgraded is your best option. Though OEM CFMoto UForce brakes are okay, they might not be enough if you are driving aggressively or adventurously. 

Or maybe, your brakes are just squeaking, sticking, or not working altogether. You could get your brakes replaced or use this as an excuse to get your brakes upgraded like you always wanted. If you are looking for an upgrade over your OEM brakes, at Everything CFMoto Offroad, we got you covered with the best available aftermarket brake options. 

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Brakes are all about safety. You shouldn’t even dare to ride your UForce without functioning brakes. The stock UForce brakes are not bad, but you should consider upgrading them. At least when the stock brakes fail.

The ability to stop the moment you stomp on the brake is something you need to experience. If you are an offroading enthusiast, a good set of brakes can totally elevate your experience. You will be able to stop when you need to stop, decelerate quickly, give you control when riding through slopes, and will allow you to cut corners faster.

Your stock UForce belt lasts around 4000 miles. After that, it will start to squeak, and parts will start to get loose, and eventually, you will lose stopping power. Before this happens, make sure to get your brakes changed. Driving without brakes is never a good idea, especially when offroading.

You might be hesitating to pay more for better quality brakes when you can purchase stock brakes for cheaper. But by going for top-quality brakes, you will be able to save money in the long run. Good brakes tend to last much longer compared to the OEM CFMoto UForce brakes.

At Everything CFMoto Offroad, we source the best brake manufacturers such as Moose, Super ATV, and Quad Logic among others. Investing in brakes will never turn out to be a loss. The cost of upgrading your brake is always less than the cost of poor brake performance.