Body Panels and Accessories

Some add body panels to their UForce for style and looks. Others add body panels and accessories for protection. Whether you are planning on adding body panels and accessories for style or protection, maybe a bit of both, you’ve come to the right place. At Everything CFMoto Offroad, we have an array of body panels that are both strong and stylish. 

Whether you are looking for a custom hood to back up your front grille or looking for an entire body kit, we’ve got you covered. Browse through our handpicked collection of stylish and sturdy body panels and accessories, and find what fits you best and your CFMoto UForce.

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When your CFMoto UForce rolls out of the factory, it is just like thousands of others manufactured using the same parts and by the same machines. But with some cosmetic upgrades like body panels and other accessories, you can make your UForce stand out from the rest. Use the frame of the UForce and sculpt your own version of this stylish UTV.

Style isn’t the only thing you gain when customizing your UForce with body panels and accessories. You will also be protecting your UForce. When you step into rugged terrain, you will encounter many obstacles on your way. Little by little they will chip away at your paint job and put dents on your body. If you have body panels on, they will absorb the damage, protecting your UForce.

We are not done listing the benefits of body panels. Some body panels come with performance gains as well. For example, a well-ventilated aftermarket hood will allow your radiator to cool faster. This will increase allow your engine to operate efficiently.

There are dozens of designs for body panels out there. Depending on your requirements, choose between style and performance, maybe a bit of both. Be aware of the material used for the panels. They need to be durable as well.

At Everything CFMoto Offroad, we have the most impressive cluster of stylish and durable body panels and accessories. Now you do not need to dig through the internet to find what suits you and your UForce best.