Bed and Tailgate

The bed and tailgate are one of the most useful parts of your CFMoto UForce. If you own a UForce 1000XL, the bed provides enough room for you to haul its impressive 660 kg payload. But some types of cargo require more than just a flatbed. 

There are a bunch of upgrades you can do to your bed and tailgate to customize it according to the type of loads you’d be carrying. Whether you require a bed rail, a bed extender, a bed cover, or a cargo rack, at Everything CFMoto Offroad, we got them all

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Whether you are hauling gravel or your game after a day of hunting, the ability to carry your loads is one of the best things about the UForce. The CFMoto UForce is one of the best UTVs if you are looking for a work companion. 

The UForce comes with a decent bed space. But to get the most out of it, that is, to haul to its payload capacity of 1,450lbs (UForce 1000XL) you’ll need to upgrade your bed to get some more space.

Increasing your bed space will allow you to carry more loads in an organized manner. You can start by increasing the height of the bedsides by adding bed rails. This will allow you to carry more goods without fearing that your cargo might topple overboard. If that is not enough, you can extend the length of the bed using our bed extenders. Maybe you are not the stacking type. Then you can get a cargo rack to add levels to your UTV bed.

If protecting your Cargo is your number one concern, we have the items you need for that as well. Check out our collection of bed covers from manufacturers like Extang, Greene Mountain Outdoors, and Rough Country.

If you are looking for tailgate accessories, we got them too! We have tailgate cables and tailgate handles from a variety of trustworthy manufacturers. 

At Everything CFMoto Offroad, we have what you need to customize and strengthen your UForce bed and tailgate.