A-Arms and A-Arm Guards

The Stock A-Arms on your UForce will often take a beating the moment you step off the road. Every time you clear an obstacle like a boulder, a tree trunk, or even a pothole, there is a chance that your A-Arms will take some damage. 

The stock A-Arms in your UForce barely offer you any ground clearance. The 1000XL model offers around 12 inches which is the highest among the UForce lineup. The smaller engines get even less ground clearance. At Everything CFMoto Off-road, we offer the best A-arms and A guards to easily double your UForce ground clearance. 

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The stock A-Arms on your UForce are basically designed to grab onto the body of the UTV. It keeps the body relatively stable and provides a comfortable ride throughout the full range of movement of the suspension.

An aftermarket upgrade can do all of the above and more. At Everything CFMoto Offroad, we have a collection of A-Arms and A guards that are far more durable and keep the body of the UForce more stable. So, you can go offroad without fearing that your A-arm might break or bend after hitting a branch.

One of the primary benefits offered by an upgraded A-Arm is the increased ground clearance. With the proper modifications, you can get up to 30 inches of ground clearance. When your A-Arms don't drag your UTV so close to the ground, you can take on rougher, rockier terrain than you ever did. 

If you are planning on getting bigger tires on your UTV, A-Arm upgrades are necessary. If you opt for an offset A-Arm, it will provide more room to get those bigger tires in. 

At Everything CFMoto Offroad, we bring to you the strongest and most durable A-Arms available in today’s market. With this equipped on your UForce, you won’t need to doubt the capabilities of your UTV when offroading. Your A-Arms and A guards will survive as much as you can dish out.