UTV Ramps

Welcome to our CFMoto ZFORCE Ramps Collection – a market-leading selection designed to ensure the accessibility and versatility of your ZFORCE in all possible environments! In this collection, we proudly present high-quality aluminum ramps and flatbed kits, intended to offer both lightness and strength for effortless loading without being overly heavy. Our range also includes versatile ramps such as pet-friendly options, arched ramps, beamed, and heavy-duty beam ramps, providing reliability when you need it the most. If that’s not enough, we also feature compact telescoping ramps for easy storage, convenient dual and tri-folding designs for user-friendliness, and pivoting ramps engineered for superior clearance and stability. Ensure to never leave anything behind with our CFMoto ZFORCE Ramps Collection – your one-stop shop for all of your ramp needs!

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What to Look Out for When Buying CFMoto ZFORCE UTV Ramps?

CFMoto ZFORCE Ramp Types

Foldable Ramps

CFMoto ZFORCE foldable ramps are Ideal for limited storage space since these come in dual-folding designs for standard loading and tri-folding options for broader coverage and stability.

These can save you a bit of space when not in use while being as effective as a normal non-folding ramp.

Telescoping Ramps

Telescoping ramps offer adjustable lengths, perfect for handling different loading heights, making them a versatile choice. 

These are also great if you carry all kinds of equipment with you or if you are often loading and unloading your ZFORCE on uneven terrain.

Pivoting Ramps

For challenging terrains, pivoting ramps adjust the angle to provide a balanced approach. Consider these if you often load and unload on a decline.

Arched/Beamed Ramps

Arched and beamed ramps also offer decent clearance and stability, making them ideal for safely loading vehicles with low ground clearance, like mowers, go-karts, etc.

Weight Capacity Considerations

The ramp must support the weight of your ZFORCE plus any additional gear. With typical weight capacities ranging between 1,200 to 3,500 pounds, choosing ramps that surpass your total weight requirements ensures a safer loading process.

It’s always better to have a higher maximum weight capacity to ensure reliability and durability for many years to come.

Build Materials and Durability

Steel Ramps These CFMoto ZFORCE ramps are known for durability because steel can support heavy loads but requires maintenance to prevent corrosion.

Aluminum Ramps  Lightweight and rust-resistant, aluminum ramps are suitable for lighter loads but need careful handling under extreme conditions.

Safety Features

Safety is paramount, so always be on the lookout for weight capacity indicators, slip-resistant surfaces, side barriers, anchoring mechanisms, or safety chains for safe transportation.

While at it, make sure your CFMoto ZFORCE is able to carry all your cargo including whatever you plan on loading and unloading with your ramp.

Do not overextend the ramps if they aren’t designed for that and always do your best to neatly store them when not in use.