Spare Tire Mounts

When going off-road, it's essential to take some basic precautions, one of which is always to carry a spare tire. If there isn't enough space in your side-by-side to carry a tire, a spare tire mount comes in handy. Everything CFMoto Offroad has the best spare tire mount kits for your ZForce. Our tire mounts are from industry-leading brands, and the best part is that you can find everything you need on our page. Besides ZForce spare tire mounts, we also stock other spare tire carrier-related parts such as wheels, ZForce crew spare tire carriers, ZForce spare tire holders, and spare tire hitch mounts.

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Side-by-side vehicles are much smaller than other off-road vehicles like trucks and SUVs, and carrying a spare tire in your UTV will consume space. To solve this problem, drivers can transport their spare tires on external mounts. Some UTVs come with an OEM spare tire mount, while others do not. If your vehicle doesn't come with a mount, you can install one. There are different positions you can choose to install a spare tire mount. The position largely depends on your vehicle's framework. 

Types of Spare Tire Mounts for Your UTV

Here are the different types of spare tire mounts:

  1. Roof spare tire mount: 

You can install a tire mount on your roof. If there's a roof rack, you can still mount your tire up there. The roof spare tire mount keeps the tire out of the way.

  1. Bed spare tire mount: 

If your CFMoto ZForce model has a bed, you can choose to situate the tire mount there. The great thing about this type of tire mount is that it's easily accessible. You can go behind the UTV and get your tire when needed. 

  1. Bumper spare tire: 

Placing your tire at the bumper is quite common. If this tire mount suits your UTV's framework, you can try it out.

Regardless of the style you choose, your tire mount should be sturdy enough to hold the tire even when the UTV is moving on the road. Here at Everything CFMoto Offroad, we carry both permanent and temporary spare tire mounts. The temporary mounts don't require drilling the vehicle's body panels. Also, our mounts have extreme protection against corrosion. Shop from our various spare tire mounts and accessories for your CFMoto ZForce.