Snorkel Kits

If you intend to go wading with your side-by-side, it is best to install a snorkel kit. While it isn’t advisable to go beyond manufacturer's recommendation, having a snorkel kit provides an extra layer of protection. Just like the snorkels humans use underwater, vehicle snorkels help the engine "breathe" in water. Over here at Everything CFMoto Offroad, we offer sturdy and durable snorkel kits for your CFMoto ZForce. You can find different OEM snorkel replacement parts to upgrade your gear in our store. If you're planning to make your snorkel, you can find the parts for your project on this page.

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With a proper snorkel kit, you can drive in deep waters. Any water body above the bumper and headlights requires a snorkel kit to cross. The snorkel gets air from above the water and takes it to the engine. Most importantly, the snorkel keeps water from entering the engine. If you attempt to wade without a snorkel kit for protection, water can get into your engine and cause severe damage. Even if you don't plan on wading, you can install a snorkel in case you come across water.

While off-road enthusiasts usually use snorkels for wading, you can also use them in water-logged areas and sandy terrain. In sandy areas, your UTV engine can choke and seize because of sand. To prevent this, install snorkel kits in your vehicle. In addition to their original function, snorkel kits have other advantages. The snorkel supplies the engine with clean air above the water, improving airflow. Snorkel kits notably increase engine performance due to the clean air and they also improve fuel efficiency.

Before you can install a snorkel kit in your vehicle, you have to disconnect the factory-fitted air intake system. Even after installing a snorkel, you can't go past the snorkel's wading capacity. If you do, you may destroy your engine and electrical components. It is possible to install more than one snorkel, and many side-by-side drivers install  as much as three snorkels in their vehicles.

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